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Finding Ephedrine HCL Online


I know you can get ephedrine hcl in many forms from the pharmacy, but do any of you order it online and if so what are your trusted sites.

I know a girl wanting to order online and yea I'm trying to help her out.

Fat burners are poison to my physique since I'm so lean anyways...but yea any help is appreciated.




I always find it at gas stations -lol



lol right next to the ED pills LOL!

hang on babe let me take this pretend viagara, two Ephedras, and a 6 pack! Lets party!




Are you particularly looking for ephedrine HCL or would ephedrine sulfate be appropriate? From what I have read sulfate is not quite as pure but you get 25 mg of it in bronkaid so it about evens out to the 20 mg of an ephedrine HCL pill.


watever works for me.

If I were using I would just buy bronkaid, primatene, etc from the local pharmacy but I was asked for online sources. Preferrably vaso pro I guess as that is what they use.

I know google will turn out a thousand of them, but I have never used any of them and I don't like recommending a source for any supplements without using them first myself.

Any help is appreciated but I've had a couple pm's already and my friend should be sorted out.

Thanks tho everybody


I buy at the pharmacy, but if I was to buy online drugstore.com has a good reputation.



Trusted UK website, I don't know about the shipping or laws. It's all legal here.