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Finding Dress Clothes That Fit


Where do some of you more muscular guys find dress shirts and slacks that actually fit? I have never really been known to dress nice, but I have an internship this summer that will require business casual attire (and hopefully a full time job when I graduate in December!)

I have pretty broad shoulders, a small waist, and big hips and legs. Finding shirts that fit in the chest without being too baggy around the midsection is nearly impossible. Slacks (and even jeans) are even harder to find. I recently bought a suit and I was forced to get slacks with a 36" waist so they would fit in the hips. My waist is 32".

I am 5'10" and a lean 200lbs. and I know there are alot of people out there bigger than that have a harder time than I do finding clothes, so I am looking for any help you guys can offer.


They have button up shirts that are "stretchy". Get it about waist size or so and the rest of the shirt should conform.


Now, and as you go you will want to stick with designers that have an athletic or a muscular fit. Also, when you buy clothing expect to have to get it tailored. Sure it is a little more expensive, but you dont buy clothes to look like crap right? Find the designers that work for you, and find a good tailor.


Mr. Big & Tall

not just for fatties anymore!

Seriously, though. You can find neck sizes 19 inches +.


Take any off the shelf shirt thats large enough to fit the chest and shoulder and run over to the local seamstress, for about 8 bucks they'll adjust the waist and taper it. I've had them take up sleeves because my chest is large but my arms are short and it really doesn't cost too much. it's comparable to what a higher end shirt would cost off the shelf, and cheaper than going to a standard tailor.




to not look like a bell, you will need to have your shirts altered

try various types of pants, these are tougher to have altered and may screw up the lines (if you get a good tailor, then they can probably fix the waist a bit).


I agree with that. At 200lbs, you really shouldn't be having that much of a problem. It is common to have to go up a size in pants because most pants are made for skinny sedentary people or fat asses. You start having real problems when your neck gets over 18" and your quads don't fit in a size 36 pant leg.


I'll probably get flamed for this, but Abercrombie & Fitch has button-down shirts in what they call the "muscle fit" that work great. I'm 6'2" with long arms, a long torso, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist and they fit. I always had a hard time finding off-the-rack shirts 'til I discovered them.

If you insist on true "dress" shirts (even though the Abercrombie ones work fine for business casual), do like everyone else says and have 'em altered. If you shop at Nordstrom their tailors are typically competent. Beware of the seamstresses at your local cleaners-- though they can sometimes take in the side seam w/out messing it up, I've had several shirts ruined by improper alterations. I'm picky, though.


This question gets old, its more like a cry for attention. We have very big guys on this board i.e. CT, CW, prof x and the like. If they can find clothes I'm sure you can.


If you really have a problem, find a good tailor.


I have all my pants and dress shirts adapted, around the waist and ass, and around the waist and schoulders, respectively. T-shirts and sweaters are seldom a problem.
In quality stores they often do it for free, so it's pretty much recommended for everyone.


You asked for it, you got it. I'm 6"3 and not that big. XXL's barely go past my shoulders for any type of abercrombie t-shirt. Long sleeved are another problem, simply because they are only long enough to cover my belly button or my wrists.

For the orignal poster, it is tougher finding stuff that fits, dress clothes are much eaiser IMO. Dress shirts and slacks are pretty easy to tailor, so that helps.



The CK line by Calvin Klein has good Khakis that fit large legs well.

The CK shirts also have a nice generous fit.

At two bills you should have no problems finding suitiable off the rack clothes.

To all the much bigger dudes who like to be sharp there is a big and tall on Boylston St. in Boston that carries Zegna , Armani and all your higher end lines, they ship stuff nation wide as well.


I do not buy dress clothes often (maybe twice a year), but when I do, I go to Brooks Brothers and use their made to measure service. It is expensive, but I rarely buy clothes and the quality is outstanding. Not to mention, nothing looks better than clothes specifically tailored to your body.


Amen to that. Clothing tailored to your body, whether ur a bodybuilder, normal guy or fat slob, will be the best fit and best look possible. We do have tailors for a reason.


J-Crew makes a few suits that are cut for young guys. I have 46-48 shoulders so when I go to a department store to get a sport coat the damn thing is HUGE at the bottom like it's made for an obese banker in his 50's.

So if you go to like Bannana Republic or J-Crew or somewhere that sells clothes for young people but also sells a few suits you will have better luck.


I shop at the Men's Wearhouse they have been very accomodating to my tailoring needs generally because of my height and dimensions contradicting each other I have to have everything tailored. They are reasonable. and do a very good job.


Honestly one of the best things you can do is go to a seamstress that is older. I have always known women that are in their 60's or 70's to be very competent at altering anything except for sport coats. Remember many of these women actually had to make the clothes from scratch when they were younger and many of them are uber perfectionists.


The problem is with a suit. If he's a 48 or 50 suit jacket, he's not going to get a 32" waist pant. He'll get more like a 38-40" pant. If you tailor those pants, the back pockets are going to run together. You need to go to a store that sells seperates. Go with black. It's universal and even if you grow out of the pants or vice/versa you'll be able to match it easily down the road.