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Finding Clothes That Fit

Finding clothes that fit has the bane of my existence for the past several years. I’m short (5’5"), with fairly broad shoulders and a wide back. Shirts or jackets in a size small never fit, and anything in a size medium or larger hangs down to my knees and looks ridiculous.

I can have button down shirts tailored, but it looks like I’m SOL on polos, sweaters, jackets, etc. Looking for stuff I can wear out to clubs, not business meetings, so the custom shops are out.

Any suggestions on designers, etc. that make clothes that fit athletic builds?

I’m in the same boat (5’7", broad shoulders, small waist).

The GAP has athletic cut shirts and polos that fit quite comfortably. The also have some button-up shirts that are Fitted that are OK.

On the higher end, Express Men has some really nice clothes with fittings for athletic men. I don’t remember the name of the cut. If I remember, I’ll post up.

I’m also a big fan of The Buckle. 7 Diamond, BKE, and Pop Icon all fit well on me.

Good luck. I am 5’5" and 200plus and nothing fits right. I wear everything big anyway but it still looks goofy. I just f-n deal with it

It’s no different if you’re taller either. I’ve got a 17 1/2" neck, 33/34 sleeve length and any dress shirt with those measurements come out looking like a tent with their 40 inch waist sizes.
I guess they expect everyone with those numbers to have a massive beer gut to go with it.

Nothing you can do about it except find a good tailor. It’s surprising affordable to have things brought in to fit your build.

Ready to wear is rarely really ready to wear. Most everything has to be tailored. Girls know this, i don’t know why guys don’t.

Try Hugo Boss. Abercombie and Fitch also has a “muscle cut”, but you’ll have to get a large or extra large and have the bottom tailored.

For sweaters, just get a stretchy one, like a cable knit.

Whatever you do, don’t tuck your tshirts into your jeans and wear a really tight belt. I don’t care how trim your waistline is, that looks bad.

Does anyone know of any remotely stylish jeans that don’t look weird? I have a big ass and thighs genetically and my love for squatting has made finding jeans that don’t look awful quite difficult. I’m sure many of you can relate. The shirt issues aren’t that big of a deal since they can easily be tailored but tailors can’t do a whole lot on jeans.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check out those designers. As for tailoring, I don’t wear button down shirts, not my style. I’ve brought various other items to several tailors to be altered, but was told that they can’t alter them because they don’t have the specialized machines needed to create the type of hems, etc. that are on the garments.