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Finding Clothes That Fit!?


After yet another fruitless trawl of the local shopping mall to try and find clothes that fit I'm getting thoroughly pissed of with not finding anything that isn't either like a sack round my waist or nipple-tastically tight!

I'm by no means hyooge and have no intention of ever being so I just have shoulders wider than my waist but still can't find a shirt that fits my chest that I can still do up the collar or jeans that fit my waist but that I can comfortably fit my thighs in. Is this a common problem?

Anyone got any hints as to places where I can get clothing that actually fits without spending a fortune (which I don't have) or spending my life in sportswear (shudder!). UK based places would be particularly appreciated :slight_smile:


You are 5'10 190 lbs and you can't find clothes? I am about an inch taller and I weighed around 198 and never had that problem. I would like to know where all of these people that kind find clothes are shopping. If you are trying to fit into a size small abercrombie polo then I can see the problem but, if not it should be rather easy.


Here we go again.


I don't get it. Buy a bigger size. I mean hell, even abercrombie has xxl's.


Obviously they shape things in the US then - over here they assume you have straight lines! I need a medium around the waist and a large plus around the chest and shoulders. Trying to find a shirt or suit for an interview is an absolute nightmare :frowning:


Get them custom made.


Nope, the clothes in the U.S. aren't shaped to our bodies, their pretty much the same size on top as they are on bottom (for shirts, not jeans obviously). You just have to go a size bigger and deal with a little baggey. I have to do that for jeans. For them to fit comfortably around my thighs, I have to get a few inches bigger then my waist actually needs. And I am not huge at all, im an fairly skinny compared to most people on this sit.


Why are these threads NEVER started by people who REALLY have issues with clothes?

Every single one of them is started by some guy who can fit into a large or smaller.


I have given up this struggle to realize that anything smaller than an XL will not only be uncomfortable, but just wont fit or look right as well. Pants are a similar issue, so much leg work has ruled out anything slim fitting, which I wouldnt wear anyway.


I want to make a Baby Gap joke, but my Spider Sense is telling me it's been done before....


...but so has this thread topic, so we might as well attempt to salvage it by recycling the jokes. :slight_smile:


Oh look, another original thread.


You just have to shop around. Maybe go into some stores at the mall that you wouldn't think to try. J.Crew has a more tailored fit. I think that's a good choice if you're looking for polos. T-shirts are a bit tougher. You have to find something more fitted and most likely go a size or two up. Some of the stuff at Aeropostale fits well, if you're not looking to spend much.

I find that the biggest concern is finding something that has broad shoulders and a narrow waist.


umm.. let's see, what do I have to work with here, oh yeah! Maybe you can get out of the childrens clothing section. Right, anybody, huh how 'bout a cyber-five.yeeaahhh!




Taken out of context that sounds funny.


get nekkid?


they dont sell t-shirts in england?


sigh OK for the hard of reading or understanding, as you seem to be having problems with a pretty clear and simple question, let me try and further clarify. Size is not the issue - after 30+ years of dressing myself I have amazingly enough worked out that if size X is too small then get size X+1 - fit is the issue. So let me give you a scenario and see if that makes it through the synapses.

I have an impending interview so I head to nice middle ground M and S (if M and S hasn't made it to the states it's a mid range fairly dull clothing outlet that produces innoffensive and unexciting stuff) and grab a shirt and suit trousers and jacket. When I try them on I find that a shirt that fits the chest and where I can do up the collar to wear a tie makes me look like I have sails at my waist.

Trousers that don't stretch round the thighs like mis-shapen sausages require a belt cinched in so much that I have a rouched waistline and a suit jacket that fits the shoulders looks like it's trying to be double breasted at the waist. All in all not the professional type of look that I am trying to portray. Looking at the shirt it's pretty obvious what's going on as the seams drop in a straight line from the shoulders - OK if your straight up and down but not if you have any other sort of shape.

OK is that now clear - this is not an OMG I'm so huge I can't fit into my clothes without hulk-esque ripping thread. What I am asking (and I thought pretty clearly but obviously not) is does anyone know any standard outlets in the UK who cater for people who have even a slight taper to the torso.

Now is that now clear or do I have to reduce the syllable count?


Next do regular, tailored and slim fit shirts.