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Finding Cheap Supplements

Hello. I’m looking to supplement my diet with lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) and tyrosine. Does anyone know where I can find these at the cheapest price? The only nutrition store I’m familiar with is GNC, and I know there has to be better places than this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

You could try some of the on line supplement and vitamin companies such as netrition. For the supplements I use, they are about 30% lower than GNC.

Someone posted dpsnutrition (with a website under the same name) in another thread, and they look pretty damn cheap. Also, from the other comments, they have good customer service. Haven’t tried them myself yet, but the next time I order something, I’m gonna give 'em a shot.

Generally, you’ll find the best prices for just about any supplement at either dpsnutrition or beyond-a-century. Check them out and see what you think.

I’ve heard from several people that DSP doesn’t support Biotest’s, or other companies, money-back guarantee. I would only purchase from someone that does.

For the supplements you mentioned and vitamins or fish oils Vitacost is by far the cheapest. They also offer a money back guarantee. For bodybuilding supplements like MRPs, etc. Bodybuilding cyberstore is the cheapest hands down, and I have ordered from a bunch of places.

Amend my last post, I just checked out DPS and holy shit they are cheap. Vitacost is still cheapest for vitamins though.