Finding Casein

I want to begin eating right, and I figure going on the huge 18*bodyweight 60% Fat, 5% carbs, 35% protein would be a good start. Problem: don’t have the money for a good protein powder. Solution: make my own. I want to use good protein, preferably based mostly on Casein. Problem: Where the heck can I find casein for cheap? What percentage of the protein in an evaporated milk powder (or condensed, whatever) is actually casein? Any other foods besides cottage cheese? Thanks, any suggestions welcome.

  • MacSmith

Powdered milk is NOT a good source of protein. It has a lot of lactose and is crap. Anything would be better than powdered milk. Even those big 5# $25 buckets would be far better.

ProteinFactory Website

…is powdered milk really that bad? I thought milk was a great source of protein (why do so many body builders drink it?)…I’m sort of at a loss right here. What foods, then, can I find casein in besides cottage cheese (already got that one down)? Thanks - MacSmith

Fresh milk and powdered milk are not the same product. Do your research and discover how powdered milk is processed and you will find they use extremely high heat processing to cook the moisture out of the milk and make cooked powder which results in any proteins left being denatured. This is the exact process that all whey and casein protein manufactures completely avoid so as to make a useable product. Powdered milk is a horrible source of protein and is mostly lactose. So if your choice is lots of lactose with some poor quality high heat cooked and denatured protein than go for the powdered milk. PS - why do think powdered milk is so cheap? Because its a good high quality product? lol.

It sounds like you’re considering a low carb diet (60%F,35%P,5%C) ala anabolic diet. The powdered milk would have way to many carbs (lactose) for a diet like that anyway. If thats the type of diet you want, then you’ll have to eat lots of meat - lots of BEEF, fish, eggs, tuna, etc and use lots of oils like flax oil and lots of olive oil. But a lot of your calories should come from beef in that type of low carb diet.

Go to the protein factory. I just ordered 15lbs of Milk Isolate. Add in a small amount of fat free sugar free pudding mix and some natural peanut butter and you have yourself an awesome protein shake.