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Finding an Online Coach


First post here. Hello :sunglasses:

I have been lifting on different programs for the last 4 years, and seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut, bored and needing something new.

Looking for an expert to help custom design a routine that works for me.

After reading a lot of articles by Charles Poliquin, I would like to try a split based on his ideas.

Can anybody suggest somebody willing to work with my by email or skype that is very well qualified? (I live way outside the USA)



Not sure what “Way outside” means. if you are using an on-line trainer, i’d think distance would be irrelevant. This looks like a good site - he trains Hugh Jackman: davidkingsbury.co.uk



Are you just 'mirin Hugh Jackman, or have any actual experience with the trainer?


If you’re just looking for a routine, I would just grab one of the thousand from the site. Unless you are training for a specific competitive goal, or have weird restrictions, a program on this site will work great.

If you’re looking for diet and training advice for a goal, or just diet advice, there are several individuals on this site that have coached many people successfully. In addition, there are coaches like Amit Salir and Arash Rahbar that also train people on this site.


Thanks Dchris

I have seen the thousands of programs, here and elsewhere, some look great.

So much conflicting advise about reps, rest, intensity, etc. I was hoping to have a expert level coach chat with me, and then customize for my age, experience, and goals. I know coaches got to make a living, but I was really looking for just that, not a on-going long relationship.

Yes I am also looking at improvements to the diet.


Two fold question: what are your goals?

If you want the interaction with a coach, and don’t mind paying, it will help to know what your goals are for recommending a coach.

If you are up to it, every day people get great advice for programming and diet on this site.

I will say, hiring a coach to write a program for you may be less tailored than you think… unless it’s a smaller more personable person.


Yes I have defined my goals, and am willing to pay a professional. The most important ones are avoiding aggravating existing injuries, getting stronger and more fit. Sort of easy it would seem.

I thought about asking on the forums, but I’m in my 50s, and figured the likely reply would be: “Just do a 5x5 bro, got me hella swole”

Maybe will give it a go, if I cant get a coach recommendation.



Besides the guys who write articles for this website, check the training websites for Christian Thibodeaux (he’s in early 40s but knows a ton), Paul Carter and Dan John. Last two are closer to your age. Any of those would be good if they do online training. Also check the authors of elitefts’ articles. Tons of guys offer online personal training, just find one who is old enough and smart enough.