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Finding an AI


Trying to find something to take during a cycle ( AI ).Got the gear,and was in the process of getting Adex and Clomid from a supplier,but got sandbagged and taken for a couple bucks...anyway asking ya'll if..don't laugh I'm desperate and trying to find some so I can start my cycle,but does GNC sell anything that would help as an AI ? I have some Nolv for my PCT.


I am going to get shit for this, but what the hell...Do you have enough nolva, so you can take 20mg ED during your cycle and have enough left for your PCT? If so, do that.


Try research chems


Tally you definitely need research chems, but in the mean time pes erase+750 mg resveratrol can help a bit. Pes erase is a suicidal ai that is an isomer of dhea, very natural. resveratrol can be found at walgreens and is an antioxidant that can block estrogen. Ive also seen great logs from amateurs/idiots about triazole. But it could just be reps and child's talk. And dont exceed 750 mg resveratrol or youll shit your pants. Happened to a "friend of mine" :wink:.


I don't have enough ( Nolva)for during and PCT,but long story short..My supplier for gear( the Test and tren )just moved to another job and will be able to stock up in a couple of weeks.The E-blocker that I was trying to aguire is from a website that I thought was legit and sent some money (western union) and so,so,...shit me once shame on u,but shit me twice shame on me..kinda deal.


Went to GNC and found something I think will work until I can get some more supplies.It's made from Neon and it's called Intercept.Found another site,but outta funds since I was burned from my last try to buy some gear.


bro that stuff is cheap, if you have 50 bucks you will get stuff in a week including shipping. look online its there. Hope u get it worked out, thats bs, fuck bs suppliers.

Get big then go kick his ass


Research chemicals are the way to go. Here are some initials of ones I have used in the past; P.S. G.W.P. and I.D. Good luck!


Thanks Brother for the help.Looking to getting some Anastrozole,but using the Intercepter and what Tamoxifen that I do have until I can get some shipped to me.Learning as I go that yu double check to make sure you have EVERYTHING for your cycle before you start.This is only my second cycle..got real lucky on the first one( no AI ),but did research while doing it and knew I needed a PCT game plan(which is why I had the Tamox left over).