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Finding a TRT DR in KC question

Ok so I read the “finding a trt dr” stickey but I am a bit confused here are my questions

  1. Do compounding pahramcies recomend you to TRT dr because you walk in and just ask the lady at the counter " Hey what Dr’s in this area prescribe injectable T, HCG, and armidex???
  2. Do you need a prescription at compounding pharmacies?
  3. Can you ask those same questions to the girl at wallmart or CVS, or do you ask for a manager?
  4. GP means general paractice so I take it the best way to find a TRT Doc is make appointments with GP’s then do labs then see what they prescribe?
  5. Is there a faster way to find out if Dr’s will even follow protocol perhaps over phone or with nurses or are things not donme that way?

Im in the Kansas City area.

Are these kid of places safe or are they just scams? I know in the sticky it says anti aging places are ver expensive… Is there a good Dr or place any of you KC guys recomend? Im sure there is plenty in STL but thats pretty far KC is not as progressive…

Yes, but you may have limited success
It’s a way, but not the best way.
You can definitely ask, although Drs. will most likely not spend time with a non-patient over the phone.

A couple routes you can take: Google “hrt kansas city” and click on the first ad at the top. Or, contact your GP, explain the symptoms and ask that he take the requisite labs. Once you have labs in hand, you can work with your GP or, alternately, try and find another doc.