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Finding a TRT Doc?

I’ve looked through the stickies and it’s been somewhat helpful. Still struggling to find a doc near me that will treat me. I’m going to cold call places tomorrow that I’ve done some research on the doc but just wondering everyone else’s experience in trying to find a doctor. Coming off an endocrinologist that is insistant I treat my depression with a pill or a psychologist before he will consider treatment

Depression medications will hammer your testosterone levels, I only advise taking them if things become critical and short-term usage with the intent of coming off.

Make sure your first call is Defy Medical and don’t pay no attention to its location as it doesn’t matter. It’s going to be difficult find a doctor who knows what he’s doing by cold calling, you usually get a nurse who likes to flap her gums and say the company line.

You can look at online reviews.

What have you done that was suggested in the Finding a TRT doc sticky?

If you have a prior thread with labs and more info, continue that so we have some case context.