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Finding a TRT Doc in Dallas, TX

Hi my name is Aaron, this is my first time posting here.

I am 27.

I find myself sadly succumbing to a lot of the symptoms for low Testosterone.

I feel like someone my age should not be feeling like a 50 year old.

I am afraid to ask my normal physician for testosterone.

Could anyone point me in the direction of someone in the area that could help?

It’s may be a long drive for you but well worth it - try Justin Family Medical in Justin, TX

The PA that runs that location has a lot of interest in endocrinology and knows TRT VERY well.

Kaner Medical Group in Bedford - Dr E. PA there is very good with TRT, HCG, AI. Lets you self inject.

What is the cause of your low-T? That can be a symptom of another condition that needs to be diagnosed and corrected. If you go to a TRT doc, there is a good chance that they will sign you up for life long TRT and skip the other responsibilities. Read the advice for new guys sticky. Post your labs with ranges.

You can have problems that make you feel old, even if T levels are decent.

Many/most of the symptoms of low T are common to [subclincal] hypothyroidism. Best case is that is caused by iodine deficiency, because that can be cheaply and quickly corrected. If you have not been continuously using iodized salt for years, that may be the root cause. There is a thyroid basics sticky. Check your body temperatures. If you are iodine deficient, others in your household are also at risk.