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Finding a Strongman Gym

Any advice on how to find a strongman gym? I would like to join a club or something where people work out lifting Atlas balls, flip tires, pull cars, etc. Do clubs exist like that? How do you find them. FYI I am in Honolulu, if that helps. Thank you guys.

go to www.nastrongmaninc.com and either look up your state chairmen (not sure if HI has one.) or go to resources and post a message on their message board.

also go to

www.marunde-muscle.com/forum and post a message. You will probably get more help there.

Good luck

[quote]davidh019 wrote:
FYI I am in Honolulu, if that helps.

I don’t know how to help you in Hawaii. I will say that I am jealous.

Are you in college? If so, there is probably a club there that can get you started.

It might be best to find out what events are held in your area and the people involved. Contact them and ask. If not goto an event and see if you can corner some staff or people in the know (after they are done, and dont hound em ofcourse). After all attending events whether your a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or strongman seems to be the best way to find what you need.

Build your own!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! I emailed the gentleman that is in charge here in Hawaii, haven’t heard back, but that is good news. Does not look like any events going on any time soon, but that can change if I take Nate Dogg’s Advice, unfortunately, space is the problem. I live in a condo, as do most people here, and land is a premium. I really want to get a big tire, not sure there are that many industrial tires, but need to check that. Thanks for the advice, Thanks for the jealousy, but let me tell you I pay $1050 for 400 sq ft. Ouch!

Yeah, you definitely pay big bucks to live in Hawaii. My ex-girlfriend lived there along with her sister. We went back to visit for vacation for a few weeks, and it was quite expensive.

But considering I just spent two weeks in Europe, I can say that Hawaii is cheap compared to Europe and the dollar vs. the Euro! So at least you have something to be thankful for.

If you have some room in your condo, you could always pick up a few implements to use outside such as heavy sandbags, a dragging sled and maybe some adjustable dumbbells (Ironmaster.com) and maybe a mold to make your own strongman Atlas rocks. :wink: