Finding A Strongman Comp.?

Guys I have to decided to put myself to the test and have some fun by competing in a Strongman event. My only problem is I can’t seem to find one. I’ve googled the hell out of it, and I’m coming up short. If anyone could shoot me some info or some links where comps. are posted please let me know.

check on and The Anvil (strongman discussion forum). They’re usually pretty up to date.


In the upper right corner is a link for contests.

Good luck and let us know which one you enter!!

alright great link thanks a lot and ill keep ya updated im planning on competing late spring/summer anyway thanks!

whats the gold, silver, platinum stuff mean on the site? does that signify the level of competion or difficulty of the event or both?

oh forget that last post i found what it means sorry guys

where in texas are you?

mattwray-check your PM

Gold/silver/platinum are indicators (usually) of the toughness of the competition. Their literal purpose is for designating how many folks from each weight class can qualify for Nationals.


I’m promoting a contest on Jan. 21st in Phoenix, Arizona if you’re interested in competing soon.

Thats way too soon for me I was thinking along the lines of something April/May/June area. But thanks for the info man. I might actually come check it out. Ive never been to a comp. before and want to check one out before I compete to feel out the atmosphere.