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Finding a "Set" Workout Routine?


Hey guys, im here to ask what your opinion is as far as choosing the right program or workout routine while in the gym.

Iv been working out on/off since high school which was in 2010. But until now, I finally put my foot down and want to make a lifestyle change and stick to it consistently because im tired of being small.

Lots of friends of mine who are pretty good size, they’ve been lifting and it seems that they go in the gym, do their own thing. They don’t have a set “program” and im sure most of you guys on here dont either. you just know what you’re doing when you go in… now. Heres my question…

Has anybody heard of the program called “FIERCE 5”? A full body novice program 3x week? Split up between Workout A and Workout B?

Iv been following that the past month or so, and well… idk. I like the concept. But then it sucks because Im use to breaking my days up by lets say, MONDAY- chest, triceps. or the next day Back and biceps.

The FIERCE 5 program its nice because its full body, but i feel like its not “enough”. Not enough of one muscle group?

Iv seen progress every week though. I continue to add 5 lbs on my bench every week and 10 pounds on squats.

Now I want to put on massive size. Im currently only 165 lbs and im bulking, shooting for 3500+ calories per day.

Should i keep going at this Fierce 5 program, or should i break my days up and go 5x week instead of 3? and do my own workouts? as long as im lifting heavy? I usually google and read on forums for chest/tricep workouts and combine them with mine and knock them out that day.

Any feedback?



Time to get some serious gains and gear up and slam some iron bud


You’ve began lifting in 2010 and 8 years later, here we are. I wouldn’t be doing your own workouts based on your post.


Did you start the program exceptionally light or is this the 1st time you have run a program with progression? I’m just not sure how someone who has been training for 8 years can still be progressing in a linear fashion.


Iv never done anything progression. And have never actually lifted serious.

My first week of fierce 5, is have a number up for let’s say, bench press. I’d put on weight that i would struggle getting my 5-6th rep up. I’m always aiming for the 5-6 rep range and i never lift anything that i can easily get to that number…

Iv always been a small guy, I’m benching 165x5 for 4 sets.

The trainer at my gym said that i should start off lighter weight, then keep adding weight until i get to the fourth set? Instead of doing the same number for all 4 sets…

I usually put a set number up, or add my 5lbs to it if it’s the beginning of a new week and rep that out for 4 sets.


Never heard of the program but youve only been doing it a month. Stick with it 6 months and keep adding, consider yourself a novice and stop listening to yourself.