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Finding a New Gym

1.) Make sure there’s no hidden clause in the contract
that forbids dead lifting or any other “sacred lifts” you may
perform in the gym!!!

2.) Ask for DEMAND a one week trial membership;
if they say no, tell them I said to “fuck-off!” Some gyms
seem cool at first, but later turn out to be a real nightmare!

  1. a) If you don’t follow the above, at least try out some
    of the equipment. Sometimes stuff “don’t” work like it
    ought to! Example: a few gyms I frequent have
    45% leg presses with pressing platforms pitched
    on 60% angles - Warning: if over 360 lbs is used on
    the machine, your knee caps “may” fly across the room!

3.) Check out what type of music they play. Some places
play nothing but “boy-band” music - Warning: too
much “boy-band” music may lead to unexpected
eipsodes of self-flagellation with a 45 lb plate!

Well that’s just a few…good luck!

IRONMANSKI: This was intended to be an reply to your post.
How it became a thread of its own is a
mystery - “Sorryski!”

Thanks for reply. Ya, I dont know if I could handle any “boy band” music.