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Finding a Mentor

They say that you need coaches (mentors, good training partners or whatever you want to call it) to reach your potential, to get better, to learn new things, to not get caught up in a bad route.

But what would you advise to someone who cant get
a mentor because he lives in a small country, in a small town where they only play soccer and don’t even know for other sports.

How should I find a mentor to become stronger, faster?

Should I try finding a mentor over the internet? or can I do all by myself and don’t need anyone? should I create an imaginary friend (his name would be… Tyler Durden :slight_smile: ?

Had anyone had a similar experience and did he make it by his own?

Ps. it really is no option to find someone near me because like I said - nobody with similar goals or more experience lives around here

2 Ps. Sorry for my bad english - I live in a small country in Europe

2 Ps. I don’t know where to post this but strength sports are most connected with my goals

As long as you have concrete and realistic goals and are sure of the path you are taking to approach them, it’s not necessary having a mentor.

All you really need is motivation (which can only come from within anyway) and information (to which you have access already when you can post on this forum).

For any kind of activity i can think of, there is some kind of documentation, be it a whole site or some kind of blog, dedicated to it.

If there is no option of a ‘mentor’ (as you mention), it is kinda redundant thinking about what would be better if you had one, as long as you are determined and motivated, everything should be fine.

If you ever reach a level where you absolutely ‘need’ someone to teach/advice/coach you to advance further, you will find someone (at least thats how its been for me in the past)


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Best advice I can give is to try and read as much as you can and learn for yourelf. A mentor is great thing, but not necessary and sometimes life just doesn’t give you that luxury. In that case YOU are going to have to become your mentor, and do everything you can to learn and motivate yourself.

If you are dead set on having a mentor, you may have to bite the bullet and move. I am moving this year, and the reason is in part to train with like minded and stronger people so I can get better.

The decision is yours, but regardless just learn, train, and get stronger. No mentor or training partner is going to do the work for you, after all. Best of luck.