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Finding a Meet

Could any of you guys help me find a powerlifting meet in the Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma area? I’ve been looking online for quite some time and have come up short. Thanks in advance.

You can look in the back of Powerlifting USA magazine.
Look at the websites of the various organizations–they’ll either have meets listed and/or state chair you can contact.
E-mail someone at a good gym (Hyde Park in Austin, TX for example) or the coach of a good college powerlifting program (LA Tech).


have fun!

yea the apf guys in texas do a great job…go over to the apf-wpc home page they have all meets listed…i know there are a bunch of apf meets in texas…bm

I know the APF is running an April meet in Vegas.

I know NASA-sports.com or something like that runs alot of meets in the south west region as well.

alot of their national in OK city and they have an east texas regional every year in longview or tyler

full sterkur a longview or tyler meet would be great since i live in longview