Finding a Meet

I was wondering how I could find a powerlifting meet nearby.
I realize my lifts are low but, I only plan on entering to get used to what it is like and so that I have something to train toward.


choose USAPL…powerlifting watch shows you the 2 upcoming meets there in NJ…but how far are you willing to travel? USAPL in PA has a shit load of comps and want not coming up. Regional Powerlifting Events

So between me and Hanley you have between 4-6 prospective competitions to go to between now and June, then if qualify go to nationals. I myself am gonna try my rehabed shoulder this weekend at the USAPL contest in NJ, and then im gonna seriously go for the gold in May in PA in Shrewsbury.
Good luck and lift hard

Thanks guys, I I don’t mind going pretty far once I have my car, which should be ready in April.