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Finding a Local Trainer in Massachusetts?


What is the best way to find a local Olympic lifting coach in Massachusetts? Of course, the silly fad gym instructors are worthless - any ideas?

Actually, I should say I am looking for a "power" trainer in the sense I'm interested in regaining earlier form. I used to to have a near 40" vertical leap and sub 5 sec 40. That's been greatly dimished - hurray for parenthood.




I happen to live in Massachusetts when not at school in Maryland, and got in contact with a coach who I have not met yet. You might want to try contacting:

Dr. Ellyn M. Robinson, USA Weightlifting - Regional Coach; CSCS*D-Registered Coach
Professor - Graduate Strength & Conditioning Program
Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA 02325 Fax - 508-531-4055
Head Coach - Robinson Weightlifting Team

This person. She has been spoken highly of by a competitive lifter friend of mine. Even if you just ask her if she knows of any coaches closer to you.


One of the weightlifters that trains at our facility speaks very highly of a local club he visits on a regular basis. I believe the place is out in Everett, MA, though I forget the exact name. If you are interested let me know, I can get you connected with Rich so you can find out more about the club in Everett.

Also, feel free to stop by our facility in Acton. I would love to chat with you more about your training, goals, etc. I could talk all day on O-lifting so please do swing by if you have the chance.

All the best,


Where in Mass. are you located? I've also heard good things about the place in Everett.



I live in Mid-Mass, just south of Worcester. Having lived in California, it's been tough to move to a place with few options like this.

I'm willing to travel to get the instruction I need. Still learning New England, Everett looks like it's on the North Shore? Yes, I'd be very interested in meeting up with them.


Hey J.L.,
I feel your pain. I live on Cape Cod and there's nothing going on here for Oly lifting. The place in Everett would be a bit of a drive for you since it's just outside of Boston. You might want to check with Worcester Fitness. I know they have a guy there named Mike Ward who does Oly lifting, he might be able to help you.


Wow, I had been on the Worcester Fitness site yesterday and figured to call them on a whim. That's good intel, thank you!


ok good luck, let me know how you make out.