Finding a Local Gym

I am looking for a local gym where I can actually lift. Everything local is commercial, therefore they are limited. I have had membership at three local gyms and none of them have the ability to do cleans or many of the more complex lifts. There simply is not enough room and/or not the proper flooring/equipment. Most have the policy of not dropping weights. Now I understand taking care of equipment and such, but there are certain lifts where it is not possible to not drop a loaded bar. All have the normal plates with no padding (not sure what the proper term is). I have not had access to a gym with the ability since college. Surely this has been asked before, and I did use search, but I have not found what I was looking for.

I would love to start a gym at home, but home is a second floor apartment. I have gotten to the point where I am not interested in specialization lifts, I want to work multiple muscle groups. I have been lifting for a few years, but I still consider myself a beginner as I do not have competent strength and technique, just knowledge of what I want and an idea of how to get there. I live in the Kankakee, Illinois area. If anyone has any knowledge of the area or knows of ways in which to find a suitable gym, I would greatly appreciate a nod in the right direction.

I’ve always just checked the phone book when in a new area and looking for a suitable gym.

Then go visit the ones that look to have potential.

How hard can it be?