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Finding a Lifting Partner

I don’t know which thread this should go into.

I have recently moved. I had a training partner where I moved from and I really found it benefiticial. I know some people like training without one, this isn’t to argue that point. I was wondering how to find a new one? Is there a classifieds for finding a training partner with the same goals as you? Any advice?

Go to a gym, lift weights…ask someone who seems strong to spot you and just figure out when they lift and see if they’ll lift with you, considering if they have the same goals. I don’t think you can find parters in the classifieds.

I knew about the classifieds, that was kinda meant as a joke. Sorry for confusion about that line.

I was wondering if it is like the wargames, aka miniture battles, you can go to the local model shop and post a sign looking for people to game with.

Thanks for the response. I am always bothered to ask for a spot either because I don’t want to screw up their rhythm (reading this site has shown there are people that don’t want to be bothered) or that they don’t know what the hell their doing. But, I guess that is the best way though.

Some of the gyms I’ve been to have bulletin board where people can post if they want a training partner. Most don’t, thought. I agree with WolBarret that your best bet is to go to the gym regularly, and see if there are people there who are as dedicated as you are. Then ask if you can be their training partner. You could also ask some of the staff at your gym to keep an eye out for other people who want partners. I’m sure that it’s not an odd request.

The easiest way, of course, is just to grab a friend. My training partner for most of college was one of my roommates.

Random Aside: This sounds almost like asking someone out on a date. Imagine:
A: Say, could you give me a spot?
B: Sure.
A: Thanks, that helps a lot. Say, are you doing anything Wednesday lunch?
B: Hm, why do you ask?
A: Well, uh, I was wondering if you wanted to, y’know, go to the gym together.
B: Awww…

Why don’t you say where you live on here? This place is pretty big; you might find someone on your area.

Fuck that shit, if you need a spot, ask anyone who’s available. Just don’t ask while they’re doing a set. But once they’re done, just go and ask. It will only be like 10 seconds out of their workout, and if they need a spot, they ask you later…and eventually, you may be training partners and what not.

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
…and eventually, you may be training partners and what not.[/quote]

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

[quote]malonetd wrote:
Why don’t you say where you live on here? This place is pretty big; you might find someone on your area.[/quote]

I moved over the winter to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Currently have a membership at Lifetime Fitness. Which, personally I dont care for, they use the octogonal plates(which I have never seen before), and don’t have a dead lifting area. I play racquetball as well, that is why I decided to go with them.