Finding a Liberal TRT Doctor

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My wife suggested I was moody and should have the T tested. I did and it eeked in at the bottom of the low range. My GP was ready to write me a script for gel and send me on my way. A few more questions and I discovered he knew next to nothing regarding T-therapy other than “if it’s in a certain range you’re normal”.

Later on, I had the old “when I was younger man” conversation with another gym member and was lucky enough to get recommended to a GP that does TRT therapy. I’ve since moved to the Portland, Oregon area and my old doc couldn’t recommend anyone out here. So now I’m trying to find a good, liberal TRT doctor in the area.

I want the same or better “liberal” approach my last doctor had. I think he felt it was more about symptoms and results vs. the “it falls in this range” speech.

The last doctor had me in every 6 months for blood tests and to discuss results. He had me on 400mg Test Cyp (200mg x2 wk) and Arimidex 1mg EOD. You’re probably already saying that’s more like a starter cycle than a TRT dose. It gets better. He let me try Deca 50mg 1x wk with the Test. It stacked well and I saw some results but I ended up with Deca-dick! Once I was off it a couple weeks, I was OK to go again. I’ve used HCG to help keep the nads from shrinking and I’ve used Oxandrolone (20-30mg daily) to cut up a bit. All of this legal and with prescription!

Chances are the next doc will think I’m some gym junkie if I go asking for that again. I need a liberal minded doctor with common sense and experience to know what’s safe and let ME make the decision on what I want to try. Do they exist? Help!

Your definition of a good doctor is someone who’s prescribing you anabolic steroids, what does deca have to do with hypogonadism? Yes, the docs who say that 320 in a range of 300-900 are stupid but so is yours if not worse. You’re not doing TRT, you’re on a permanent cycle, and believe me you’re gonna regret this “liberal” doctor.

Switch to a normal TRT, you won’t have trouble getting it, since you’ve been shut down for a while. If you want to juice, do it safely in your blasts at best. Don’t be on 400mg/week indefinitely.

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Dude if you want to use steroids just use them. You don’t need a doctor for that. Were I live if you have a prescription you can buy 10 ml from the pharmacy then go to another pharmacy and buy another 10 and so on. You can also do that with deca and GH too if you have a prescription, yet I use only the amount I need to be healthy.

Not advocating for this, but sounds like the “gym hookup” will be your best bet again. One day I may be in search of a new doc (hopefully that’s a long time away) and this sounds like a pretty good course of action.

@Equalo212 - I may not have explained in enough detail the first time. Since my move, I’ve cut my Test dosage down to 200MG wk and take Anastrozole 3x wk. That’s it right now. My doc advised to take 1wk off after a 10wk cycle. (resetting receptors?) If I were to take the prescribed 400MG wk, it would only be a 10 wk cycle. Then back down to 1/2 of that. I like the idea of supplementing my Test with Deca or Oxandrolone on the short term for better results. Everyone likes to look good for summer. I have no intention of being a gym rat and dosing until my eyeballs pop. Besides, I like my liver and I want to think I’ll be around another 30yrs+.

Getting old sucks. Low T sucks even more. I don’t really like the idea of being on it long term but I’m starting to accept that now. I’m just interested in the occasional blast to get me through the summer. I’ll probably never ask for Deca again, but might be open to something synergistic. The trick is finding a doctor that has an open mind and will write a script. I’m only interested in LEGAL meds. No sense in taking chances on black market crap. Thanks for your response.