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Finding a HIT Program


I've been following the same program for over a year, which consists of the usual 4-5 days a week/rotating muscle groups. I've switched a few things, but I'm having more and more trouble adding mass beyond the beginning stage. In reading some posts, I have a growing interest to try a HIT program. My problem lies in finding a full program. Can anyone help me out regarding which exercises per day/sets/reps using HIT? Thanks a lot.


Bro I would do several things ask Dr.Darden here on his recent thread, also read his articles on here use the search function and go to his site http://www.drdarden.com

Its ALL about HIT.

Hope That Helps,


You can try MMA Hit, is like sit ups, crunches, punching, jumping squats/lounges and many others in increments for like 25 min, it's pretty good.


  1. What is your current pogram like?
  2. Why HIT? What does it have to offer that other programs don't?
  3. What is your training goal?


  1. Mon-Quads/hams Tues-Chest/Biceps Wed-Off Thurs-Back Fri-Shoulders/Triceps Sat & Sun-Off
  2. HIT seemed to get a lot of enthusiam on this website, with exceptions to a few who didnt like it. It's short and seemed to yield good strength and size gains from those who liked the program.
  3. My goal is primarily to put on size at the moment, along with some strength of course.

Thanks a lot for the help guys.


Having attended a HIT seminar a few years ago, I can tell you this... It will work, but not forever. The stress HIT gives on the nervous system is so intense.

Are you only after aesthetics and not functional strength?


Well mainly aesthetics, but functional strength is a good thing too. I'm looking to add size, hence I do need to get stronger. I have to say, I do like the strength just as much as the size that comes along with it.


If you're heart is set on doing HIT then nothing I say will dissuade you. However, don't do a HIT program for more than 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, do a Chad Waterbury program.

If you don't mind spending $14, buy Ellington Darden's New HIT book on Amazon. It's supposedly a good intro to HIT principles, although from the reviews you'll have to get past all the (irrelevant) stories about Arthur Jones. It provides basic workouts and body-part specialization plans. This is based on reading the reviews and some pages from the "Look Inside" feature. I personally do not own the book.


I own that book and its a great read. He has quite a few interesting ideas about nutrition and "doing the opposite". However after spending the past 6 months doing HIT programs I will say achieving the right intensity is very difficult on your own and not have someone literally pick you up and get you from station to station.

When they say failure they mean FAILURE. It was very rare for me to able to drive home after a 20 minute routine without at least 20-30 minutes of laying on the floor, sipping fluids and watching the cieling change colors. I personally love HIT but there is no way I should have continued on that program for as long as I did without switiching it up to something far less intense.

I have to admit though, throwing up after a particularly good work out eventually becomes gratifying! (thats a joke)


Thanks a ton guys. I was thinking about buying that book actually. I certainly think giving HIT a try will be worth it, as far as gains and time spent in the gym. I've been spending too much time during workouts with a slight attitude of "more is better". I've decided to take this week off and hopefully try starting the program next week.

One question: Do the workouts remain with the same exercises with the 3 workouts/week, or do they mix it up? Eg., I would think pull ups on monday and BB rows wed, along those lines.