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Finding a Gym?

I’m planning to start up a routine right after christmas and am right now looking for a gym to go to. SO far I think I found a pretty well equiped gym, and its $37 a month.( $116, for 3 months) Firstly I was wondering if that is a pretty average price , and I read something a few years back that prices are negotiable , anybody attempt this and if so whats the best way of going at it . The gym I’m intrested in gave me a list that expired in june 2005 I was thinking that this may be some levrage.
Secondly I’ve been reading up a bit on supersets whats your suggestions on doing this, because I’d preffer to be constantly going at it instead of using a ton of time resting.

Save your money. Here is what you should do. Go to “List of Bodyweight Exercises” in Strenght Sport forum. Do body wieght exercises for three months, if at the end of three months you are still workout everyday (3 to 5 days a week, 3 to 5 set each exercise, 20 to 50 reps and are writing down what you do) then maybe join a gym. By that time (April) all the new year resolution people are out of the gym. If your not exerciesing in April with your body weight, you would not be working out in a gym lifting weights. It takes a couple of months to form a habit. Keep reading T-Nation and good luck.

It’s motivating to join a gym. So join.

But why they would charge more for 3 months?

Well thanks for the advice . Ibgeek I did a bit of reasearch to what you suggested and decided to go with what you said I found a routine on another site and I’m going to go with that for the next 3 months. I just got my term marks and yeah it would be alot better to stay at home near my books that trudging to the gym .

if anybody has any suggestions to it that would be great.

Instead of joining a gym you might consider going and buying a weight set at Wal-Mart. Now before everyone in the world flames me, you can get a reasonable set of beginner weights there. You can study and lift without leaving. You can get a cheap bench or even a picnic table bench and your set. More people than you would think have started this way.

If you can’t work out with this kind of gear, either you have more dollars than sense or you really don’t want to work out. Buy this stuff first, when you are totally frustrated about what you are using then sign a gym contract or go buy some “good” stuff.