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Finding a Gym: Detroit, MI


Hey all,

Right now I'm working out at a Bally's. There is only two benches and one squat rack, and it is VERY VERY cramped. If any of you have been to that gym, the one in Redford right off of Telegraph RD., you know what I'm talking about.

So I never want to go there because every time I go, no matter what hour, my workout sucks.

I need to find a new gym! Preferably less of a gym that's geared toward Cardio bunnies and with more weight equipment. I don't have a car, so if it's in the city or in an area where buses are, that would be great.


  • Andy


I pass that Ballys all the time. I live in Ann Arbor, so I can't give great advice, but I agree the place looks sick busy all the time.


You have no idea man... it's one of the worst franchises I have ever seen. They decided to go cardio crazy about a year ago, and ever since then it has been a joke. As you get out of the leg press machine, you are in danger of being hit by the person who is squatting, and then there is a bench like 3ft. from you.... It really is ridiculous.

But I'll bump this thread occasionally to see if someone else has some ideas.


Powerhouse Gym
Dearborn, MI (Premium Site)
3633 South Telegraph
Dearborn, MI 48124

Business Number: 313-277-5295

I THINK this is the powerhouse where Justin Harris at least used to train at when I was up there. The Powerhouse in Farmington Hills kicked ass when I lived up there. I LOVED it at that place as it was all serious lifters and a fairly large number a figure girls trained there :slightly_smiling:

Granted it is now run by one of the founders asshole sons (the big dumb one as opposed to the skiny spoiled brat one). Seriously, this dumbshit broke out the calculator to do 5 times 10 when trying to come up with my weekly pass cost (I went back up there for work).


downtown royal oak is a gym called fitness unlimited. buses should take you there.

there is a powerhouse on wodward and 6 mile. it was a pretty good gym a few years ago, unlike most other powehouses that changed.

there used to be a gym on west jefferson in dowtown area that was pretty serious.


I did a quick google search of 'powerlifting gyms in detroit' and found this..


Not sure if your looking for a 'hardcore' gym like that but i'm sure it beats ballys.


A Powerhouse closed in Canton, and they auctioned off all of the equipment (which is how I made my home gym for 25% of the normal cost)

This one had 2 cybex squat racks, no power racks, 3 smith machines, a ton of cable sets, and dumbbells going up to 140 lbs.


Any of these near you?



Yup, that was a sad day. Now all there is in Canton is Fitness19, and that place is a joke...cheap though.

Powerhouse in Brigton is great, bit far from Redford though. It's nice to see some Mitten cats on the site here...


Checkout Detroit Barbell.



Yeah, if I had a car I would go to the powerhouse in royal oak, but I guess I'll have to settle with these maniacs at Detriot Barbell :d Hopefully they won't try to rape me or anything. :smiley:

Thanks guys for all of the suggestions! I didn't realize there was so many people from SE Michigan on here.

I'm not sure what to expect at this detroit barbell. Wish me luck lol


Fitness 19 is indeed a blower.


I go to Fitness 19 in Rochester or Shelby Township - each are completely different. Rochester is, well, a little more affluent. Shelby is smaller but more 'hard core'. However, it is THE cheapest gym I have ever been part of - I pay $12/month and my wife pays $8/month.


Even the members? :wink:


Detroit Barbell dude.

Hit it up.

Clay Brandenburg runs it, he's a beast.



Haha well at least the one by me did! It was in a strip mall and was about as large as my work cubical and the only people there were a bunch of wimps.

Now if yours was different than I say you were lucky!

Haha and any gym that TheDude goes to automatically no longer sucks if it ever did.


Damn, I'm gonna have to bookmark this thread for future reference if I move to southern Michigan. Currently I live in the Flint "area" (Linden)



Because she's a girl?

Dang these testicles!


lol you are right though, it wasn't my first choice - I wanted to go to Powerhouse but my wife felt uncomfortable by the serious atmosphere. Fitness 19 was less intimidating. The big drawback is that both locations only have one squat rack ... can't win them all.


:slight_smile: or you can flip-flop the deals, average them, or I pay $1/month and she pays $19 - lots of flexibility in the numbers