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Finding a Good TRT Protocol After Some Errors

I’m 25 and i have low T. Unfortunately is not so low to get a prescription in my country.

I started trt three weeks ago. I had never done a cycle neither trt.

First week was: 2x 175mg of Testo enant (total of 350 mg) + 2x 0.5 arimidex (total of 1mg of arimidex) + 2x 250 ui of HCG (total of 500 ui of hcg)

Second and third week was the same as first week.

After starting trt I always felt really bad, tired and always sleepy, with no energy.

I understood that what i was doing was not trt, but a cycle (also a bad one) and that AI is not recommended for a trt. Since trt is a life time commitment i would like to do the right things, without being nasty in order to find the protocol that gives me the best results.

Now I’m thinking to go for 2x 75mg of testo enant per week (total of 150 mg of testo weekly) with no hcg; this for 8 weeks, then blood test. In fact i would like to find first the right testosterone protocol and then try if hcg make me feel better or not. Is it dangerous to avoid hcg for months until I try the right protocol for testosterone ?

Ps: I’m new to this world so if you have any suggestion I really appreciate it. I understood it’s not simple to become a good self doctor, I struggled with low t levels for many year, please don’t be rude.

No. It’s the sensible way to approach this. Introduce one new thing at a time, see what it does. Lots of guys who used mountains of PEDs and didn’t even bother with PCT or have access to HCG have kids, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that side of it.


At least you know that what you’re doing isn’t great and you had the good sense to reach out an ask for help. That’s half the battle sometimes.

At 350/w you’re in no-man’s land. It’s not low enough to avoid an AI, but it’s not high enough to make dialing in an AI easy. You’re likely much better off at 150 as you suggested. It seems like your new approach will be the right one.

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