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Finding a Good Trainer


I'm having form trouble with explosive movements (cleans, jumping squats etc), and reading about them/ watching vids just isn't cutting it. I need someone to stand there and tell me what I'm doing right/wrong as I'm doing it. So, I'm trying find a trainer near me that knows what he/she is doing.

What questions should I ask, and what should I look for in order to evaluate a good trainer?

Oh, and if someone wants to make my life easier and recommend someone on Cleveland's westside pm me!


Get someone who has a CSCS certification (not a must, but a definite plus).

Ask around and find a trainer that specializes in training athletes.
If you're a member at a gym go there and just observe the trainers working with clients and find one that you think would be suitable for you.


I'll ask about this. I wandered into a powerlifting gym today, but the trainers had already all left, do you think it matters if the athlete's they normally train are powerlifters?

There's only one guy at my gym that seems to know what he's doing and when I talked to him I got the - girls don't need to be doing that - speech.


Find a gym that has an olympic program with a coach that has experience in olympic lifts. With a program in place, the facility should have platforms, bumper plates and training plates to work with. Many universities or colleges have programs open to the public. If it's not your goal to work oly lifts alone, once a week with a coach will definitely improve your skills.

I don't care what certification the coach has, it makes no difference at all when training snatch & C&J, real experience does. You can't teach explosive techniques by studying them from a book or video.


I dont know where you are in ohio, but there is an olympic lifting gym just north of columbus.


If you can't TEACH explosive techniques by studying books/video then should you even bother trying to learn to try them yourself?
The program Im doing calls for power cleans, and two weeks into it I've been too chicken to try..
Sorry to hijack PCH- I'm in the market for a good trainer myself!


he doesn't know what hes doing


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That's dumb. Perhaps you should remind him that his business is largely based on word of mouth and depends on actually having clients. He should not force his personal opinion onto a potential client who obviously know her stuff.

Wtf would a person in a service oriented industry turn away a potential client?


Good tip, I'll start looking at school.

Boy am I learning this.


Not a hijack, it's actually pretty much what I'm encountering. A whole host of programs are ruled out because I'm being a pussy about these lifts.


Oy, I'll edit to say he appears to have correct form on major lifts when I see him training clients.


There are way more people who can properly teach the typical assortment of lifts than there are people who can properly teach oly lifts. It's a much more specialized skill.