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Finding a Good Doc for Injuries


I have a variety of questions regarding injuries (my own)...

I guess it all should probably start with ONE question...

  1. How to locate a good doc or trainer in the area to help me figure out what is going on?

I have some chronic problems that neither I (or any doc) has been able to figure out...

Suggestions how how? what? who to look for in my area?

Oh...and I'm in San Diego.


(sorry if this is the wrong forum)


Find out what clinics the local pro teams rely on.


Hello, I live in San Diego too...there is an awesome sports medicine doctor that I have seen for my injuries..his name is Dr. Gamboa...he also works for the Olympic Training center in Chula Vista...he is one of the physicians for all the olympic athletes there...

I do not have his number, he is per diem for Kaiser ( which is how I saw him) as well, but I am sure you could do a search for him..I know a couple of the athletes at the training center and they also think he is awesome....


Awesome ideas!