Finding a Good Bar Used

Im looking into buying a new olympic bar, I have found a few on craigslist but im not sure how to tell the difference in the quality of the bar. If i dont buy used how are the bars for ny barbell for quality?

I would not expect those to be good for oly lifting. If you’re on a budget, I’d look into the Pendlay Nexgen Bars which are good quality for the price ( ). An even cheaper option would be the Samson Economy bar ( ), but I haven’t heard anything about them and probably wouldn’t expect much at that price.

Just make sure you have a cheaper bar for other lifts in your program. Most cleans and snatches can be done with a cheaper bar as long as the bar spins freely. However, if you are thinking about getting serious, then pick up a pendlay bar from muscledriver.


I am looking into a pendaly myself in the near future.