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Finding a Doctor

alright, i didnt know which forum to post this question in, so after a few seconds of thought, i realized it is a begginer type question.
i have not been to a doctor for at least 4 yrs. no joke.
i am 23 yrs old.
and honestly, its closer to 5 yrs since i have seen one.
i do not consider myself a begginer in lifting,
any illness i have gotten (nothing more than a cold) i have just taken my vitamins for and gotten over in a matter of days.
no severe enough injuries to see a doc either (other than emergency room visit for stitches)
i have always just researched and did my own rehab for my muscle strains.

now i have injured my shoulder and i am a little worried about it. i would like to get it checked out in case of full thickness RC tear.
and also:
i am beggining to consider AAS. i have done alot of research and think i am ready.
i would like to get blood work done, and also have a doc that can prescribe PCT and know what i am doing…

i guess i am wondering if there is any advice or way to go about looking for a doc?
i do not trust many of the lifters i am surrounded by in my gym, not to metion the fact that most of them fit the planet fitness stereotypes and inject themselves with anything anybody says will make them bigger.

should probably check out a ortho doctor. when i tore my acl,pcl, meniscus, and cruciate ligament training i had to see my ortho doctor and he fixed it. they specialize with joints and surgeries on them…along with your bone of course lol.

or you can be you’re own doctor and give it time, but if its a legit injury probably will hurt you more down the road than in the present if it heals incorrectly. good luck

thanks pudgers!!

Orthopaedic surgeons can probably help you with your joint issues, it’s sorta their thing.

Routine blood work and PCT scripts are probably going to need to come from a family practice or internal medicine doc, who would be out of his depth in dealing with serious joint injuries aside from prescribing some selective anti-inflammatory (ex. Celebrex).

Sounds like you need to see a couple, but my first plan of action would be to try to get the Orthopod to do it; just warning you that it’s not their bread and butter, they’re trained as cutters.

thx ghost!
the way my insurance works i have to find a family doc to refer me to a ortho.
right now im still looking for a family doc to go to.
with the patient doc confidentiality talking about AAS with a doc i do not know isnt a big deal is it?