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Finding a Doctor Who Will Prescribe


I recently had several blood tests to ascertain what level my testosterone is,
with varying results.

Test 1> 6.9
Test 2> 6.9

although this level is considered considerably low, my doctor then gave me an additional test.
At this point however, let me explain that prior to tests I have endured a very tough period including the death of my brother and a traumatic break up with my ex-wife, who, along with her family are actively causing trouble for me including going to see my doctor.

Test 3> 16.9

I then went to see a specialist Endocrinologist.
He gave me an examination and told me that it was likely that I was suffering from hypogonadism or perhaps even a rare mosaic variation of klienfelter syndrome.

At this point, due to the 3rd test being significantly different to the first 2, he told me to have two further tests in order to see if they came back as low as the first two or higher.

Test 4> 16.9
however, at the time the test was taken, my ex-wife's brother in law, who I know to be malicious and dishonest followed me in to the Blood Clinic at the local hospital as well.
My ex-wife was also a friend of one of the nurses at the clinic.
She also knew people whom worked in the pathology lab as well.

Nonetheless, I feel that these last two tests were unreliable and likely someone elses blood.

Now, I had a 5th blood test, the blood being taken after I slept for 32 hours straight.
This test came back as
Test 5> 13.1

Now. With such varied test results I am very confused as to what the cause is and wether the doctors will treat me with hormone therepy.

If the tests are accurate and the cause is undertermined or put down to stress.
Then, I am wondering if low testosterone caused by stress anxiety can be treated with testosterone or something else.

I have read in a previous article written by a military doctor where a patient with a similar symptoms was treated with testosterone therapy. And if this practice is used by some health professionals, where would i find such a health professional in order to try out such treatment.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any help.


Your ex wife's brother in law followed you to the lab twice? lol

What country are you in where this is a concern?


Those are some funky tests to measure testosterone values. Never seen tests values like that and have no idea what to make of them.

Common ranges for testosterone is something like 250-900 as an example.


My guess is a country that uses the metric system...aren't you in such a country?


Yeah in the 2 countries I spend time in during the year both use metric. But always have a range for testosterone not just greater or lower than.


I think he used a greater than/less than in place of a colon and was just giving the value in mmol.


I still don't understand the values that UK and other folks post...ng/dl is metric, right? Why are theirs different? What's a "MOL"? I guess I need to school myself up on this other system because I'm always lost when I see it!


haha that's a good point.

Mole refers to the amount of the hormone present. It is tied to its atomic weight.

They are both technically metric since they use metric units, but for whatever reason most countries use the mole for serum values instead of the weight. United States obviously does not (I guess that's the only thing we use the metric system for...that and litres).