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Finding a Difficult 'Power Bar'


It's those things you bend.

I found one at walmart and when i started i couldnt do more than 15-20 on the hardest setting and now i can do 50 on the hardest setting.
I need something hardcore. Ironmind doesnt make this product :frowning:


Try one of these, they are hardcore.


Yeah, there's a reason for that.


I'm getting the one from ironmind. Already ordered a while ago :slightly_smiling:

Which is?


you ordered that from ironmind? really?


Why "really"?


They suck.


Is ordering that chest stretch thing from ironmind a yay or nay idea?


It was a joke dude, I never thought you would take it seriously.


Mmmmmmmmm....I came here for advice and ideas. Give them to me and leave the jokes at the door.


Well, if you are trying to develop rotational power in your forearms, a sledgehammer is cheap and gives you all kinds of ways to advance when you get stronger. Start with a 6lb and when you can rotate it while holding it at the end, just buy an 8lb. Canadian Tire has them on sale all the time, usually at 50% off...


Or a heavy hammer II
(see pic) from Ironmind, not a joke


Yeah, ffs guys. Here we have someone making a demand. Bend over backwards to help him would ya???


How is answering a question bending over backwards?

"Hey guys, do you know where i can..."
"Sure! Go ahead and fuck my wife. Here! Have my house. My car? Yours. Maybe you'd like me to give you a reach around too! Would you like some fries with that?"
"What? No, i just wan-"
"Wha-Wha-Wha-wut.Whatever king douche...Next time you want help maybe you should ask nicely instead of being such an asshole. I mean this is a forum for discussing anything involving exercise, BUT FUCK YOUUUUUUUU for being such a jerk about it."

Yes, exactly. No hard feeling, amirite? :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks MrZsasz and Boffin.


I am so confused by this thread its not even funny.


Not to be a dick, but dude you do realize there are articles on this site. Shitloads of articles with all kinds of bizarre exercises, and I have never seen one with those pieces of equipment. Did that ever make the little lightbulb go off?

You will not get big and strong using equipment purchased out of the back of Mad magazine or a comic book. Go find a barbell, some plates and a rack. That is all you need.


If you want to make the power twister harder move your grip in an inch on either side, you might not be holding the rubberised handles completely, i.e. moved in onto the metal tube… but the decreased leverage will make it harder.

Your other option might be:


I would ditch that kind of equipment completely and invest in a solid set of dumbbells, a barbell (both would be even better) and weights. You can find used weights on Craigslist or yard sales pretty cheap and they last for a lot longer than those twisters.


So would I, but that’s not what he asked.