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Finding a Diet That Works


I am gathering information about diets and what works...
I had settled on the Anabolic diet and I was prepared to start until I read some posts which CT replied to. He mentioned that the diet had a few flaws associated with it.

I am 6' 230lbs not muscled just fat. I need to lose it. I have
dieted with low calorie and am at the point now where I don't know what to eat as everything seems bad... My calories are around 1700/day.

Does anyone have any solid advice as to what diet I should start?

I tried eating healthy and doing cardio for 2months with very little change. I am thinking now that my calories were to low though. Would a low carb be beneficial and how am I to know what
rules to follow?

Thank you,

Edit: I forgot to mention that I lost 60 lbs close to five years ago by skipping supper. I believe that I screwed my metabolism over by doing this and have been battling it ever since.


Many different diet approaches work. Figure out how much protein you'd like to eat a day (ex: 1.5grams per lb of BW), then fill in the rest of your calories with some moderate carbs & fats or mostly fats. Each method should work if your in a calorie deficit. Increase your daily energy expenditure through cardio and weightlifting; with time weightloss should come steadily.


Unless you didn't eat the rest of the day, I doubt you negatively affected your metabolism by skipping dinner.


Berardi and Coach CT have great articles regarding diet and losing fat, be sure to check out as many of those as possible. You may have been reading them already but, just wanted to let ya know.




Thanks and I feel I have been reading non-stop for the past three days. I still have not made a dent in the material.
What should my optimal daily calorie intake be?



I like BW x 14, then working my way down as the weeks fly by. Your gonna have to take an educated GUESS at first, then adjust after a week or two.



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