Finding a Coach?


I am looking to become more serious with my physique, and I think hiring a coach would be the best option for my success. I posted some photos in the rate my physique forums under the title, “The Quest for Beef,” if anyone thinks that information is relevant. The photos came out in a lot worse quality and titled sideways, however.

My question is: what’s the best way to go about finding a coach? Are there any reputable websites that provide the ability to search for appropriate coaches? Are there a few big names in the industry that are worth checking out that don’t charge exhorbitant fees? I know Stu said he either currently does or used to coach, but sadly I don’t have enough messages to send PMs to ask for his advice.

Just come additional information that might be relevant: I think I would attempt to train as a fitness model. That look is the one I find most aesthetically pleasing to be honest. I think my time horizon is to shoot for my first show to be next calendar year. At 6’2" 200lbs and around 10% body fat, I don’t think I have the necessary size to be able to effectively compete in the next few months. There are also lagging body parts I would like to bring up before I feel comfortable stepping on stage. I don’t think I necessarily need an in-person trainer but if that is an option, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Any and all tips or information would be much appreciated!


Stu can be found just by googling Stu Yellin. He can be contacted through his website.

For packing on lean mass, Josh Bryant. For contest prep Justin harris or John Meadows consistently get results. Also read a bunch of Meadows’ articles here

Im using shelby starnes for prep but theres many options.

The internet is a great thing, and with forums like this, or even just popping into a Google search, you can find out a hell of a lot about people. My advice is to always:

-Check Reputations and availability. Some guys do this fulltime and some do it on the side and have limited slots they can accomodate. Obviously each option will have an effect on how much time they can dedicate to you.

-Check Price Ranges. If someone is doing this as a sole source of income, they might have a greater need to charge more than someone who relies on their coaching for ‘gravy’ and can work with a sliding scale. Your own situtation will also factor in, as a college student might be shocked at a quote that a company CEO might drop for lunch.

-Check that they have a history working with people with the goals you have (weekend warrior, Physique, BBing etc). If for example you’re concerned with changing your physique, but like to engage in athletic activities as the same time, this might throw a curve ball at some people who can shred you down, but totally kill your day to day performance in the process. Always ask questions!