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Finding a Coach/Trainer

What’s the best way to find a coach/trainer?

There are a LOT of “experts” out there that don’t seem to know shit.

I’m considering a coach, but not even sure where to start…

Also…I’ve been using ABBH for a little while now, and have been happy with it.

So what I’m looking for out of a coach is to work with me in the gym once every other month or 3rd month for a “benchmark” session of sorts.

Also one that has lots of experience with nutrition. My nutrition is a “work in progress”…I keep trying to make it better (by better I mean actually EATING breakfast, and trying to EAT MORE to gain some weight) but I’m not much of a cook, and time is limited (like it is for most people)…

So what is the best way people here (who are working with, or have worked with) coaches, have found them?


Word of mouth, either from someone here or from someone at your gym.

Credentials are a great starting point, and they are a good indication that a trainer or coach has the knowledge, but they don’t always mean that the trainer has experience or knows how to apply the knowledge.

Ask around. When someone actually gets excited when they talk about their trainer, then you have a good starting point.

Talk to the trainer. Tell them what you are looking for (goals/nutrition, etc). Some trainers/coaches may be flexible with their style of training and some will not be. That may be good or bad, depending on what their style is.

However, most successful trainers and coaches have developed a set of beliefs and a style of training, and will be less likely to lead you through someone else’s workout. In this case you would probably benefit from allowing the teacher to teach, so long as you both have the same final goals in mind.

If your looking for a trainer, make sure he/she has a good cert. NASM, ACSM, or NSCA. Best 3 by far!