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5am, 3 scoops whey in water w/ BCAA and creatine split before and after workout
5am, weight lifting, see below
7am, oatmeal
9am, 3 whole eggs w/3 egg whites and ketcup, flank steak
noon, salad and banana pudding (stuck at lunch meeting, did not prepare - won’t happen again. they had a fake jambalaya dish that was bad.)
3pm, 2 scoops whey in water
6pm, 2 scoops whey in water

pec deck
incline barbell press
flat bench dumbbell press
machine bench press
preacher curls
barbell curls
alternate dumbbell curls
(forgot my weight sheet at home, but I did push the weights to feel the soreness - I downloaded this off of bodybuilding.com)

2/28/08 weigh in 183 pounds and 19.6% bf (blame the banana pudding for no loss).

2/28 and 2/29/08

nothing special as far as nutrition, same routine. walked 3 miles each morning, no weight lifting until Sunday.

3/1/08 weigh in 182 pounds and 19.5% bf

My nutrition for 3/1/ and 3/2/08 will follow a higher carb allowance than during the week. No real cheat meals planned, just good decisions.

I’ll post Monday morning, the results of my weekend. Thanks to all for their comments.

I wouldn’t call your diet low carb. And I think that the Velocity Diet should be an all-or-nothing thing.

I would eliminate milk.
I would eliminate most of the shakes and all the bars.
If you do use shakes, add FiberSure and eat a bunch sort of real food at the same time, like celery.

For some reason, oatmeal doesn’t work well for me when dieting.

I have a rule that any carb sources, other than workout nutrition, should naturally be about 15% fiber. This eliminates all kinds of “bad carbs.” For example, no noodles, chocolate chip cookies, or fortune cookies!

Two days of higher carbs may set you back unless you are really active during those days.

I would also add fish oil. I feel it makes more and more of a difference the older I get.

You may want to introduce some HIIT sessions.

And congratulations on what you have achieved so far!

how-er the wheels?

weekend was good nutrition even though we ate out at 3 different restaurants during the weekend. I walked 3 miles each day and did not weight lifting. I did enjoy 2 Sazerac’s which is a famous rye whiskey drink here in New Orleans.

5am, cup milk w/ 1 scoop whey and creatine
5am, weight lifting - see below
6am, cup milk w/ 2 scoops whey and BCAA
9am, 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites w/ ketsup and boiled crab claws
noon, caesar salad and boiled crab claws
4pm, 2 scoops whey in water w/ protein bar
7pm, salmon steak and vegetables.

I include some fiber sure for a total of 10g during the day, usually with my coffee.

weight schedule:
pec deck machine 110, 130 and 140
incline bench press w/barbells 115, 135, 155
bench press w/ dumbbells 50, 55, 60
machine bench press 110, 130, 150
15 push ups
preacher curl 45, 55, 65, 75
alternate dumbbel curls 15, 20, 25

3/4/8 weigh in 181 pounds and 19.4% bf.

Once again, thanks for all comments, you will see me adding more vegetables. whey drinks are for convenience - stuck in office for 9 hours a day working a trouble desk.


got home from work at 3am due to weather events - gotta keep the lights on! 5 hours sleep
8am, 3 mile walk
9am, 2 scoops whey in milk
1130am, 2 scoops whey in water and oatmeal w/raisins
3pm, protein bar and 2 scoops whey in water
6pm, 2 scoops whey in water and handful almonds
8pm, in bed sleeping

3/5/8 weigh in 182 pounds and 19.8% bf (going in wrong direction - hope this is due to lack of sleep from previous night)

Looks to me like a mirror muscles workout and nutrition mainly consists of supplements. Try eating whole foods as already suggested. Also use compound moves like:
Bench Press Variations
Bent Over Rows
Military Press
Pull ups
Squat Variations
Deadlift Variations
Start with these then start to add isolation exercises to cover your weakpoints.


5am weight lifting
squats, leg extensions, seated calf raise, flyes and upright rows
6am, 3 scoops whey in water w/ creatine and BCAA before and after workout
9am, 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites scrambled w/ ketchup, 1 scoop whey in water
noon, large chili from Wendy’s and bunch of celery
3pm, ham sandwich on whole wheat
6pm, squid salad and fresh salmon roll - sushi food

3/6/8 weigh in 183 pounds and 18.8% bf

5am, 3 mile walk
6am, oatmeal w/ raisins, 2 scoops whey in water w/ creatine
9am, IHOP - 2 scrambled eggs and grilled ham
noon, bunch celery, left over fruit at office, turkey sandwich on whole wheat and 1 scoop whey in water
3pm, turkey sandwich on whole wheat and handful almonds
7pm, grilled chicken saesar salad

went to bed at 930, got called in to work at 1am, only 3 1/2 hours sleep.

3/7/8 weigh in 184 pounds and 19.4% bf

I want to thank all for their contriutions. I am process of changing my eating habits with real food.

Also, I bought book HUGE fom Muscle & Fitness that has a one year weight lifting routine that I will be using.

With everyone’s suggestions, I did drop 1 1/2 % bf. Hopefully, by following the responses I will continue downwards to my goal of 14% bodyfat.