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Find it Hard to Get Into Proper Deadlift Postion

I find it really hard to get to get into the bottom position of a deadlift and keep a neutral (or close to neutral) spine. And if I do I lose position as soon as I pull.
It kinda looks like a bump in my lower back, just above my trunk and sometime my upper back rounds as well. Its just ugly. The upper back rounding I can stop through just pushing my lats and shoulders down but the lower back rounding I can’t stop.

However I feel like if the Bar was just up a little higher I could get in position. Keep in mind I’m very weak so the weights aren’t even full size (I am also only 13). Should I elavate the bar a little, or is there some mobility I can do.

Please all suggestions would be appreciated.

What do you mean the weights aren’t full size? As in you can’t deadlift a plate so you’re just using smaller weights?

Getting in position for a deadlift isn’t really supposed to feel comfortable. A lot of people post on here thinking they’re having technique issues when its really not bad at all. Post a video if you want.

Yeah they aren’t full plates is what I mean, and if I do you use full plates it is also more like a block pull.

And It isn’t overly uncomfitable to get down into the hole, but It is just hard to get a proper neutral back during the whole lift (excluding the top).

I don’t understand this… Its not a block pull unless you are actually pulling off an elevated surface. Are you trying to tell me that your 45-lb plates are larger than standard plates?

Probably better off just posting a video so we can see what the problem is

Definitely need video.

Round shoulders and lock them in place against your ribcage before you start, brace your abdomen and get SERIOUSLY tight before you pull. Also, make sure you don’t use a “palm grip” on the bar - you should keep the bar gripped in the groove where your fingers meet your palm, not against your palm / heel of palm as in a press.

I mean that it elevates it to mid shins, meaning the ROM is shorter due to me being quite short.

Anyway, I’ll post video when my next DL session occurs

45’s put the barbell 8.75 inches, or 22.22 cm from the ground.

If you are using smaller plates, I think you’d be fine to elevate the bar to “standard height.”

If you have trouble at that height, feel free to raise the barbell a little higher. Get comfortable, and work your way down. Lots of strong dudes do this.

Cheers… will do.
Thanks for all the help guys.