Find it difficult to wake up in the morning

i find it extremely hard to wake up in the morning even after 8 hours sleep. i seem to need 9-10 hrs, i never needed this before can anyone help with this?


Sure, you need 9-10 hours of sleep a night instead of eight. Get it.

I can relate. I ususally shoot for 9 during the weekdays and 10 or more during the weekends (no kidding). I’m one of those people that need a lot of sleep ESPECIALLY when I’m lifting heavy and in the process of gaining muscle which has been hardcore over the last year. I maybe able to get away with 8 if I never worked out but that’s not going to happen.

It’s hard to make suggestions on such a vague complaint. Do you snore? Do wake up a lot in the middle of the night? Are you refreshed when you do wake up? If it’s a real concern, you might get your doctor to prescribe a sleep study. The sleep doctors can tell you exactly what’s wrong, if anything.

get the rest you need by getting your 9-10 hours of sleep if you can. if that’s too much time spent sleeping and not enough time doing everything else you need to do, you may have to decrease the intensity/volume of your workouts so your body can cope with the amount of sleep you can give it. you may also consider taking a nap during the day and try to supplement your recovery that way.

also, make sure you are eating enough and not over training. these factors may lead to the fatigue you are experiencing and cause you to have so much trouble getting up.

and, take ZMA before you sleep - you’ll have better sleep and feel better when you wake up.

man, i can NEVER get up in the morning, no matter how many hours I get. Always feel groggy and want 3 more hours, even if i just spent 10 asleep. Thinking about getting zma or something b/c I am guessing that my quality of sleep is piss poor.

Man, you know, I wish T-mag would write an indepth article, maybe two articles, to address all the questions people have about sleep, how to get it, it’s effects on building muscle, etc.

Oh, wait, I think they did that in online issues 282 & 283.

The Big Sleep, Part I by RJ Elsing
The Big Sleep, Part II by RJ Elsing

ZMA!!! i will never sleep another night without it. i used to be such a light sleeper that my own snoring, or even a “vivid” (sexy) dream would wake me up. at 19 years old i finally had my first wet dream i wake up feeling super every morning. haha yeah, i’m a loser

you are my hero warhorse, gonna start taking naps after my 2 o clock class and then lay off the computer for about 2 hrs b4 i sleep (hw time…). Plus i’ll go find some zma as i have heard rave reviews about it.

LOL Just be careful with those naps Ren.

prolly only an hour or so, nothing serious



Those are great articles, by the way.

Good suggestion!

Dan “You are getting sleepy… sleepy” McVicker

One other idea is to look at the distribution of carbohydrates eaten during the day (since carbohydrates increase serotonin production). You might as an experiment try moving your carbohydrates earlier in the day and see if it makes any difference.

Smelling salts. No no don’t do that hehe. I’m the same way as you. There is virtually nothing you can do I have discovered. Try two loud alarm clocks, one positioned next to your bed and the other in the bathroom. Have them go off simultaneously. The beauty is that you have to make it to the bathroom to shut off the second piece of shit and once you’re that far away from your bed you’ll just hop in the shower. If you still aren’t awake lie in the shower with the water on really hot until you wake up enough to clean yourself.

I was skeptical about ZMA for a while, thought screw it, I get those minerals from my multi anyway. Then I was making an order from Netrition a while back and needed to spend a few extra bucks to get the Biotest shirt, what the hell, I’ll get a bottle of ZMA. Well my dreams have gotten “better” and sleep quality has shot up significantly. I wouldn’t want to go without it now. Seems like it might be crap when you first read about it, just being minerals, the key is the exact amounts and dose timing.

only started training again for the last 2 weeks and before had like 2 months off and more. calories im not sure, it is something i want to try and work out

i have been feeling lathargic, went to the doc’s got blood tests and they said everything was fine. donno bout water, i just mean that i am enjoying the water in this building, tastes better than water at parents house.

my training only last 45mins or so and it is only weights that aren’t even pushing my limits yet, im taking it slow due to the time off i had.

the tiredness has been getting better during the day since i started training again

what exactly is zma for?

I have trouble also. So, I take ephedrine & caffeine to try to help. I also take 1 ZMA cap & Meletonin to fall asleep at night.

When the alarm goes off, the first thought that enters my head is, “When can I sleep next?”

The second thought that enters my head is, “Man, bed is such a WONDERFUL place! Why would anyone EVER leave it? Especially at a time like this??”

I LOATHE getting up.