Are any of these bootlegger companies worth it. How good are the
Tokkyo’s and the I.P.'s and American Regents Labs. Are the Finatest,
D-balls, and E.q.'s just a bunch of b.s. . And if there not what
should i be doing with them? i have buch and do not know if i want to
start using them. I have been in the game for awhile and have had no problems with brand name pharmasutical companies
but now i can only get my hands on the bootleg labs and i am intrigued to try them but at the same time very cautious. please
someone hook it up. I just got a bottle of this finatest and it does
not look too safe, is American Regent Labs just a bunch of back yard
bootleggers? I just want to find out if i can start taking it or if i
should try to find another form of “Tren” , and what is the best band
to get? Plus i have a bottle of the Tokkyo 200mg e.q. and i am not
to worried about using it but i just wanted to see if there is anyone
else around that has tried it.