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Finastride Question


hypothetically speaking..

if I was on a gram of Test a week would 1mg propecia ED be enough, if I noticed my hair thinning.

thats all the info I can offer and I hope I get some solid replies from the vets. thank you.


Just a heads up; if you're on 1g of Test and adding a 5ar inhibitor, might want to add or up the AIs too.


I second that advice, and no, I do not think 1 mg ED would be enough, by a wide margin.


yup got AI in check, lots of experience with it so I know what works for me..but zero experience with propecia. errrrrrr so 1.5mg-2 on 1 gram maybe? I suppose run it and see what shuts me down? or if propecia even does shut me down. I have 5mg tabs of finastride generic shit


1 mg of finasteride in hair count trials has been shown to be almost as effective as 5 mg of finasteride, so taking 2mg would almost be pointless. If you cut the 5mg into quarters and take 1.25 mg a day I'll bet you'll be fine. If you're really paranoid grab some Nizoral shampoo which will help reduce DHT topically.


If 1mg is the dosage prescribed to normal men to combat hair loss, I would imagine you would need more, especially since finasteride only blocks about 60-70% (?) dht. Also, I do recall reading a study that the response time of a dosage is relatively slow (compared to dutasteride), so by upping your dosage you wont necessarily be stopping hair loss right after or even preventing it when starting it on day 1 of your cycle.

I tried finasteride (research chem) on my very first cycle (TE 500mg/wk, ND 300mg/wk), right from the start and used 1-2mg ED. I was losing hair before cycle and continued to lose it on-cycle. HOWEVER, continued loss on-cycle may have been due to the fact that I was running Deca at the time as well (I didn't know any better then).

Regardless, what I started using after, both on-cycle and off is dutasteride (generic human grade) and I have seen very good results. No shedding during my cycles (Test 625mg/wk) and obviously none when I'm off. I'm planning on running a big test cycle like you and have been considering taking at least 1mg of dutasteride a day.


Effectiveness of finasteride diminishes quickly past 1mg which is how they arrived at that dosage to treat MPB. If the OP wants to use a stronger DHT inhibitor then he may as well break out some Advodart, which will reduce DHT levels by 90%.. Of course, there's a greater chance of sides with Advodart.


okay very good points, thank you. will start on fina asap and well before cycle, and try to track down dutasteride or advo. Anyone know a good place for those products? I think someone posted a link to a hair products page which had the topical solution as well as research chems. I know the forum rules so PM me any information anyone is willing to share. thanks


also any of you fellas have experience with Spironolactone? good? bad? waste of money?


how long did avodart take to start working for you? did you use prior to cycle or start at the begining of your cycle?


I honestly cant recall the exact details, so I imagine it was relatively quick since I have nothing to complain about and I later continued to stay on it. Do some research, I remember reading an article that said that said something like dutasteride significantly lowers DHT levels in just a week and then to its maximum not too long after.