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I’ve read a few posts here on hair loss and people seem to agree that taking proscar would be a good option to prevent it. Now I’ve done some research on the internet and most sites state that proscar can take up to 6 months to work efficiently. Does that mean that I have to start taking it now and wait 6 months before I start my Test E cycle??? That would be really crappy! I would like to hear from those who have experience with this product.

I think the change in DHT blood levels happens a lot faster than that but the change in what’s happening with the hairs on your scalp take longer to see any effect.

Dutasteride is a better drug, inhibiting both forms of 5AR not just one.

So far as avoiding increased rate of problems during a testosterone cycle, the need would be only to start the dutasteride at the same time. So far as minimizing ongoing adverse effects of slow hair loss from natural T levels, if having the genetics for such hair loss, the best thing would be to use it all the time, assuming that you do fine sexually with lowered DHT, as do many but not all.