Finasteride Talk

Hi all!

First time post for me just a little curious on the above topic and looking for anyone that has actually used finasteride

I am 25 years old.

Won’t go to much into stats and that because this post is not to much to do with the cycle it self.

Looking to do my first cycle which I will put below I may slightly tweak.

-Test E only cycle at 400mg per week for 12 weeks.
-Pin Monday and Thursday
-I have armidex to hand I will run eod if I notice any sides beginning to occur
-And nolvadex to hand to run as pct 40/40/20/20

Please feel free to suggest tweaks to this as I say I am new just trying to keep this a basic cycle.

The main point of this thread for me tho is the finasteride. Are the horror story’s true? Or is it like Chinese whispers where it’s sprialled and been made out a lot worse than it actually is.

My family genes do have male pattern baldness unfortunately. Now if this was 10 years down the line it would not bother me one bit, but as I am still only 25 I’d like to keep this hair for a few more years lol.

I understand people are going to say chose between gear or your hair as they do on most posts but would be great to get some info from people who have used finasteride to combat the effects just to hear your stories.

Cheers all

I took propecia for 10 years from 24-34. My brother lost his hair in his early 20s so I got nervous. I kept my hair but ended up needing TRT at the ripe young age of 34. There are definitely a ton of guys with hormonal issues, ED, and mental sides from it. However, these are still in the minority. I don’t know the percentages. Its prevalent enough that if you google PFS (post finasteride syndrome) you will get a ton of hits. I would say ‘not worth’. Its almost cool now to rock a shaved head anyway. Statham… the Rock… etc.

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Hey man. I’m struggling with the horrible mental sides from fin for 2 months now. Do you have any recommendations on what to do? Who to see?

I seem to be seeing so many bad things about it! Was even tempted to try it at even 0.5mg I’m not bothered about gaining thickeness just want to retain what I have left… going to have to try minoxidil and hope for the best I think. Cheers for the replys

Hey mate just a question were you taking 1mg a day or what dose were you using??

0.5 mg a day man, don’t

Hello bro, how are u?

Im a PFS suffers too, have u recovered? I started TRT 2 months ago due the side effects… but it isnt effective yet.

I never had PFS just a prior user. I had low T levels which caused me to go on TRT. Could the propecia have been the cause? Who knows. I definitely did not see it worth continuing after starting TRT.

thanks bro,

So, u r just normal, link mornig woods and no ED?

Read this: Post Finasteride Syndrome - #66 by peterson

Oh old thread…

Interesting, keep us updated.

Can you give more details about your protocol? How much mg/week you take? And only test or also HCG?

Hello bro,

Off course:
Im using cyp Test ( deposteron here in Brazil), e5d 100mg/1ml Subq. Example if i inject monday, the next one well be friday.

I gain muscles in this time (2 months), i’ve already working out before this.

I had ± 650 of Test before, but my E2 was prettyy low, like under 6, i was having joint pain and no libido, so the Dr. starte TRT to raise up E2 levels…

Im still not having mornigwoods, an low libido, but it a little better.

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If anyone had advices, please tell me.

And how many people u know that recoverd from PFS?


How did you come to this conclusion?

How did you rule out the other possible causes of sexual dysfunction?

Here’s an interesting thread about pfs: Finally Cured From Post Finasteride Syndrome | Page 135 | Ray Peat Forum

And yes many people did recover. Seems HCG, proviron, dht gel, TRT, serms,… have the most consistent recovery rate.

So, my hormones level is ok, i dont have any problems in my mind about sex or other thingd, i dont have morning woods for 3 years, and ive done a doppler and ultradouns and its all good…

Edit: everything start afer 1 month of fin, but i didnt associeted in the start, and after 2 years on fin i realize that pfs is true…

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How old are you?

I ask, because morning wood decreases frequency as we age.

Is it possible that you could have developed this independent of finasteride?

I think it is somewhat logical to assume if you start a new drug and get a change in your body to attribute it to the drug you started. Most times one would be correct going with this line of logic, but it isn’t a sure thing that you would be right.

With finasteride, there are millions of guys taking it, surely some are wrong when they attribute sexual dysfunction to finasteride after stopping the drug, right? It was something else, but they jumped to the conclusion that it was finasteride (this form of logic is called a post hoc, ergo propter hoc, which means assuming that one thing caused another merely because the first thing preceded the other). I understand why this happens, because with a drug and side effect, most the time you would be right.

What I am saying is of the millions of finasteride users out there, I think the group I described above is perhaps the group of PFS sufferers. The reason they don’t get better after stopping finasteride is because their issue wasn’t actually from finasteride. Studies have shown at least with groups in the hundreds and even several thousand, that of those that get sexual side effects while on finasteride, that after stopping, the side effects go away within a few months.

I am not saying it is impossible that you have PFS, or that PFS isn’t real. I am just saying other explanations exist.

Thinking you have PFS is going to be detrimental to you regaining your old self. Give the TRT treatment time, and believe that you will have improved erections.

im 25 years old, this start when i was 21… i had a super sexdrive and always morning woods… i think its Finasteride, and bro, i thinked like u, but MANY guys that use fin have sides but not everybody know that.

In my case, last 2 years to i see that was due to fin… that time i was having problems in my relation and associeted everything to this… but realize the problems was fin…

My first sympton was PE.

Edit: Yes, im giving time to TRT, praying to it gve me some relif… i just wanna have libido and no ED problems…

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I started having decreased morning wood (and very occasional ED) in my early 20s. I wasn’t taking finasteride at the time. I do take it now. I never had problems with libido though.

One thing I’d recommend you try is a bit of Cialis (or at least talk to your Dr about it). It works quite well. I’ll wake myself up with strong erections when I take it. I think like 5 mg/day is probably a good dose for most guys.

For me at least, it increases my libido too. Not directly, but when I wake up with an erection either morning or the middle of the night, or I get a random erection, it gets my mind going. It will also relieve anxiety related to performance issues once you experience how well it works.

im on Cialisdaily bro, cialis(5mg), l-arginina(5g) and l-citruline(5g),