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Finasteride Talk

Hi all!

First time post for me just a little curious on the above topic and looking for anyone that has actually used finasteride

I am 25 years old.

Won’t go to much into stats and that because this post is not to much to do with the cycle it self.

Looking to do my first cycle which I will put below I may slightly tweak.

-Test E only cycle at 400mg per week for 12 weeks.
-Pin Monday and Thursday
-I have armidex to hand I will run eod if I notice any sides beginning to occur
-And nolvadex to hand to run as pct 40/40/20/20

Please feel free to suggest tweaks to this as I say I am new just trying to keep this a basic cycle.

The main point of this thread for me tho is the finasteride. Are the horror story’s true? Or is it like Chinese whispers where it’s sprialled and been made out a lot worse than it actually is.

My family genes do have male pattern baldness unfortunately. Now if this was 10 years down the line it would not bother me one bit, but as I am still only 25 I’d like to keep this hair for a few more years lol.

I understand people are going to say chose between gear or your hair as they do on most posts but would be great to get some info from people who have used finasteride to combat the effects just to hear your stories.

Cheers all

I took propecia for 10 years from 24-34. My brother lost his hair in his early 20s so I got nervous. I kept my hair but ended up needing TRT at the ripe young age of 34. There are definitely a ton of guys with hormonal issues, ED, and mental sides from it. However, these are still in the minority. I don’t know the percentages. Its prevalent enough that if you google PFS (post finasteride syndrome) you will get a ton of hits. I would say ‘not worth’. Its almost cool now to rock a shaved head anyway. Statham… the Rock… etc.

Hey man. I’m struggling with the horrible mental sides from fin for 2 months now. Do you have any recommendations on what to do? Who to see?

I seem to be seeing so many bad things about it! Was even tempted to try it at even 0.5mg I’m not bothered about gaining thickeness just want to retain what I have left… going to have to try minoxidil and hope for the best I think. Cheers for the replys

Hey mate just a question were you taking 1mg a day or what dose were you using??

0.5 mg a day man, don’t