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Finasteride Sides 10 Years Later

Man, I glanced already at your posts and it almost brought a tear to my eye. It’s not often I’ve read good news. That’s great news.

How’s your testicles, load volume? I know it means nothing compared to where you came from, just curious.

I’d be scared to use AI for sure. I guess high test over the range is not an issue depending on other factors I’m guessing estrogen. I don’t even know if we have an E2 test in Canada.

Edit: what do you think the guys are doing wrong on propeciahelp that take test cyp?

My ejaculate has less volume for sure, but I don’t give a shit. Happy to say bye to my Peter North loads and be back to normal lol. If you wanna bust fat nuts take HCG.

I have not seen a lot of guys on PH use injectables, let alone TRT but I am sure they exist. Either that or else they do not stick with it for 2 months+ and not add in AI’s or what have you. Without disparaging those guys, I do think many have mental health or previous health issues that make it difficult to assess PFS damage. I sincerely believe a lot of people blame all their depression and issues on finasteride.

That being said there are those that seem to exist that simply do not respond to TRT, at least if there posts are to be believed. NCSUgrad and I (also a “PFS” victim) believe there’s two forms of finasteride damage, one that is TRT fixable and another that is not.

At the end of the day, all hormone issues are worth trying to fix via TRT. Try all the tribulus, zinc, Prep, and SAGE-217 you want but you know it ain’t gonna work.

That’s amazing that you’ve come so far with PFS. Such a scary situation to deal with. My little brother has been on Finasteride for 5 years and I hope and pray he doesn’t have to deal with the shit I’ve read about you guys having to go through. If you don’t already have a PFS thread I hope you make one to give some of these guys hope. I personally think there’s a mental aspect to TRT that people need for it to work most effectively especially in the beginning since it can require patience. Many want immediate results and it doesn’t always work that way.

Yeah, I agree. I won’t be reading until to tomorrow, it’s almost 2am here… but, I think I just read the comparable test cyp to my 50 mg testogel dose is 200 every 2 weeks or 100/wk? You’re on just over 220? What is your dose size per shot? I’m guessing you do a shot twice / week.

Did you have dry eyes and skin, short term memory loss issues at all or pretty much just libido, ed? Does it feel like your brain changed at all?

I tried low dose wellbutrin for a while and it worked for fatigue, but, then kinda didn’t. Couldn’t shit to save my life after a while either.

I got the testogel month supply free with my drug plan… if I call my dr and tell him to switch to test cyp I’ll just pay out of pocket… it looks cheap.

Hopefully he goes for it. It’s what he said first I think. Takes a bit to master jabbing yourself in the ass I’m guessing.

Anyways, thanks for the replies and hope.

Hello i´m still on finasteride but only taking 1.5 mg twice per week doing good and have a all my hair, hair is a must in my life for sure, good luck with the recovery.
When i used it every day i did get dry skin and dry eyes, using it only twice perweek i still get a bit of dry skin but none of the sexual sides, finasteride overall dries every single fluid on your body, also my body composition drastically changed to worse, no pumps at the gym, lost a lot of muscle.
I only inject 120 mg of Test E splitted into 2 shots

Good luck balancing it out. Hair was a must for me, too. Then my mindset changed to I wish I had just lost a limb.

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Yup, same. In hindsight I don’t even think I needed finasteride. My hairline receded some and I freaked out. In hindsight basically where it was was the same as my parents and grandparents so I don’t really think it would have gotten worse. Even on TRT it’s barely changed.

Major regrets on that one.

I take 110mg twice a week. I have 200mg/ml strength T so I just fill it to the .55 line on an insulin needle and inject into two alternating sites on each side of my belly-button.

I had all of the symptoms you posted other than dry skin. Lost a shit ton of mass (20lbs) which I gained back within 5 months of taking T. A lot of it I think ended up being low E2.

I have been on low dose lexapro for years and even prior to finasteride. SSRI’s help me immensely and only had some sexual sides that dissipated immediately after cessation when I was taking max strength Zoloft.

I believe the same in my case.

The plus was I had abs for the first like time ever

Ncus, I probably didn’t need it either. I still don’t have a bald spot. Maybe I would have at 40, who knows?

Sam, I’d probably start at 100 once a wk. Take the 200 strength I gather to the .50 line.

I’m on shift work, I’ll try and use that as an excuse for the switch.

I’d start at 150mg if I were you. You’re total T is already decent. It takes 6-8 weeks for levels to normalize. You can always lower it if need be.

I didn’t see the full labs including shbg.

My doctor may not be in this week. I probably won’t get the shbg test until my follow up april 2nd. I’ll ask for E2 as well, is that the same as estradiol or different?

Total test, bio t, dht, tsh, cbc. Anything else a must?

I’m seeing komer in Burlington ontario. Would recommend.

Yes, they’re the same.

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Is bio the same as free? What’s the number that’s the most important, I’m guessing total t doesn’t really mean much.

I read about Komer, probably a long wait. Dr Jarvi has agreed to see me and I’m pretty happy about that. He’ll be able to see how I’m faring with my doctors treatment.

Stuck on testogel until the end of the month. Will switch to test cyp inj.

I’m only about 20 days in, but, I feel better mentally. A weird thing that I was wondering if anyone might know why for… it takes me a long time to bust a nut. Like never took that long before. The wood is better, just to pop is ?

Maybe just a momentarily adjustment period or?

Doctor sent a test cyp script and I picked it up. He’s got 50mg/week as the dose.

I’ll do it tomorrow. I see him in a week. Have to figure out how to tell him that’s not enough with him agreeing.

…just looked closer at the dose sticker… he’s got 50mg every 4 weeks. lol The pharmacist told me every week. Hope the dr isn’t trying to compare the 50mg monthly testogel with test cyp. I’m guessing that’s not equal, but, maybe it is?

No, just no! This isn’t a viagra prescription, this is TRT, your doc is nervous and this dosing is outside established norms. This would only work for a hyper T responder who are outliers.

The endocrine guidelines recommend 75 to a 100 mg per week. The other guidelines say 200mg every two weeks, so 100mg weekly.

It seems your doctor just grabbed 50 mg off the top of his head.

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