Finasteride + Raloxifene + Aromasin

Hey guys just a newbie here,

Do you think if I take Finasteride + Raloxifene + Aromasin it will increase my testosterone enough to be noticeable, or to see gains?


Check these posts out on finasteride before you jump on that

Thanks, but I was on Finasteride for over a year. I am currently taking taking Raloxifene 60mg daily, and 12.5mg Aromasin twice a week to treat Gyno. I’m on a break from Finasteride and was wondering if I take a very low dose 0.125mg Finasteride combined with Raloxifene and Aromasin would it have a positive effect on testosterone and gains?

Theoretically Raloxifene and Finasteride would increase testosterone. Aromasin would prevent a majority of it converting to Estrogen, Finasteride would prevent a majority of it converting to DHT. Aromasin would also lower shbg and increase free testosterone?

How long have you been using the ralox?

I just started the Raloxifene and Aromasin today. I’ve been off Finasteride for about three weeks.

Give the ralox time. If it doesn’t work then surgery is your next step. Ralox is the best chance you’ve got. If that doesn’t work then there’s no drug out there that’ll do it.

I believe he asking if it will increase his natural T not reduce gyno. @lilnewbie Very very very bad idea.

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It will. But it will also kill your gains because you’ll likely nuke your estrogen.

I made a post about that some time ago. SERMS + AI could be a substitution for TRT but it really can’t, because it would be insanely difficult to find the right dosages.

I’d drop the AI and try just the SERM (ralox isn’t the best choice here). If you get gains good for ya! If not or you feel shitty on it, drop it, it’s not worth it.

I’d then rather try something like Tongkat ali. You’ll raise T a bit and feel better without all the problems of your protocol.

It would be noticeable if you did a blood test. I doubt you would feel better. I would bet on you feeling worse.

Gains wise, you might gain slightly more, but it will pale in comparison to TRT. I would guess the gains that are on average made by adding a preworkout would be more significant.

Exactly. This is a case where TRT or even a cycle are potentially a safer route not just more effective.

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How long you been at this? How do you feel? Are the gainz there?

Edit: you just started, never mind. It’ll prolly help the gyno, but your SHBG will go up from the SERM and FT will go down, then e2 will be bound and decreasing from the AI and you’ll feel like death.

Thanks guys I thought it was a long shot. I’ll drop the SERM and AI later, hopefully they help with my gyno.

I’ve had success with Finasteride, even now I can see new hair growing near the temples. Maybe I’ll try a low dose, or topical and some DIM to help control estrogen?

The Tongkat Ali sounds promising, I think I may try that when I drop the Ralox and Aromasin.