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Finasteride / Propecia / Research Long Term


I'm wondering who has been using finasteride(propecia) for any significant amount of time and the results. I have a couple of questions about it.

background: Run about 4 cycles in 2 years mainly oral ph's. Had some slight shedding after an dbol cycle. Now this summer for some reason its speeding up like crazzzy.

Considering propecia is around 75 a month or so, i was thinking about getting finasteride from a research chem, and dosing it at 1mg a day since that seems to be the recommended.

I know once you start you need to continue or it will fall out again, and i'm ok with that considering im 23.

I wanted to know what happens when you want to run another cycle and are currently on finasteride

also if you can use finasteride in pct


Stay away.

Its a DHT inhibitor...but that isnt a good thing most of the time.

Limiting DHT has a pretty severe affect on your body in general, it can mess with your head and your overall masculine attributes, its a rather important hormone.

And remember estrogen will be more potent with lower DHT levels.

Alot of people end up with gyno from DHT inhibitors and overall depression.

Id get a blood test done first and see if it isn't your estrogen in the first place that is causing you to shed.

Besides remember a little shedding is normal, you just don't normally notice it unless your paranoid and looking for it because you use steroids, Ive made that mistake before.

It could easily be all in your head or simply fixed by a short run AI usage. Dont play with DHT chems, they are difficult to use properly.

Try the shampoos first, they are topical blockers, which is what you want for hairloss anyways.

1% Nizoral and the 2% perscription version are easily avaliable at walmart or online.


I've been taking finasteride for probably 8 or 9 years now. There are virtually no side effects. When I first started taking it, I believed my strength dropped a couple of percentage, but it was probably in my head. No noticeable difference. Also take Rogaine. I use the generic stuff from Costco that costs $20 for three months. I also started getting my finasteride overseas. Now I pay a fraction of what I paid before. I even had it analyzed and it came back 100% meeting the label claim of 1mg per tab. With these two and occasionally using nizoral shampoo, it has effectively stopped any hairloss.


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I was under the impression scalp stuff doesnt really work besides the chemical in rogaine, and that was only for the vertex of the scalp.

And I am really shedding big time, i can shake out my hair and when i gather what fell it forms a small clump, luckily i was blessed with thick hair so i think i have maybe a few months,

would taking .5mg of finasteride be better?

or maybe pulsing it eod?


Just take 1mg a day and then assess. Most people don't have trouble with it at that dose but there are a few people on this forum with a harsh view towards it. It especially shouldn't be a problem when you are on cycle.

Personally when I decide to start including finastride into my cycles I will not be running it PCT only because I would want any extra help I can get for the libido.



I really do still recommend blood work to make sure your estrogen is where it should be, but it does sound like you triggered male pattern baldness.

Does it run on your mother's side ?


yes on my mothers side :frowning:

I got used to the fact i was gonna be bald a while ago, but now if its cost effective i'm going to try and slow it down a bit.

I know my estrogen is up i've got 2weeks left on cycle then pct, i'm looking into arimadex to balance it out, the boys are a little smaller but sex drive is still there