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Finasteride on a Tren Cycle

Hi Guys I am hoping for some advice, I’ll try not to ramble, so here goes…
I have done a few cycles, my first was in 2004, I have done Primo and winny, and all the others were test only with anti e and pct, I used to use clomid but now use the test taper. I like to keep my cycles simple thats why test only, so there’s less room for error. I recently did a cycle which was Omnadron eod and 50 mg tren ace eod, I know it should have been ed but I don’t like ed injecting so jumped the gun.

I’ve never had any problems with side effects like acne or hair growth with the test, the only thing when I ran the the tren was the hair growth which really freaked me out, I’ve never been a hairy guy, and the growth just from one cycle just from 8 weeks became noticeable on my hands and chest and stomach,I have really thick hair and am not worried about going bald. I really liked the effects of the tren, so my question is…

If I use finasteride, will I be able to block the Androgenic effects of the Tren, and still get the strength and fat loss, or will I just be taking two compounds which will conflict and counteract each other? Has anyone successfully done this?
Thanks Guys…


Finasteride does nothing for any non-test based steroid. It will do nothing for the tren.

I know this is an old post but to avoid making a new one im going to use this one.
I came off a test p tren a cycle recently, and as samgold said above I too saw hair growth where I did not previously have it eg. on stomach shoulders etc.

My question is, is there anyway to counter these side-effects from this cycle or is there no way around it? I was thinking of using NPP instead of tren a, will this still cause mad hair growth like tren?