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Finasteride Not Enough for TRT/Cycle?

Lets say i reduce my dht from 100 by 60% and get to 40, then i hop on trt and boost my testosterone and accordingly also dht. How much would my dht raise?
If dht raise to 200 (so 140 with 60% finasteride reduction), maybe i end up having more hairloss even with finasteride?

Hair are really important to me, and i take the risk of finasteride side effects (started 1 year ago). My goal is to make a body recomp for my skinny fat physique. 70kg at 178cm.
So i was thinking about a start with trt dose of 140mg a week, to see how i react to it. I am at 580ng/dl total test atm (was at 350 before starting finasteride).
Could a trt dose already bring me advantage for muscle building, or does it only start at 250mg?

That dose will not make a noticeable difference over a short period of time. But the real problem isn’t the dose, it’s this:

Nope. Not what steroids are for. If you’re skinny fat what you need is a better diet and training routine. You don’t have that, so adding steroids won’t do you much, if any, good. You need at least another year of work before you can even consider this as an option. The good news is you get to hang onto your hair while you get your diet in order.