Finasteride For Hair Loss

I have posted this question before with no responses, but I figured that once more couldn’t hurt.

I have some mild hair loss, mostly prior to using any gear. It may have gotten worse, but ever so slightly… I still would like to keep what I have or grow some back…

I am cycling:

300mg T (e3d)
300mg Primo (e3d)
100mg Mast. (e3d)

I am not religious about using the new “rogaine” foam (mousse), but I have it.

Doc prescribed Propecia (Finasteride) aka Proscar across the pond.

What are your thoughts concerning how the Propecia might effect my cycle benefits?



Not much, if anything. Take the finasteride and don’t worry.

First off, finasteride is 1mg. Proscar is 5mg. You will have a slight decrease in strength because of the DHT reduction (DHT is actually an anabolic). The decrease won’t be too noticeable, I wouldn’t worry about it. You must use the Propecia and Rogaine religiously though.