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Finasteride Experiences

I'm thinking about taking finasteride to prevent MPB, and possibly prostate problems.  While I don't have problems with the prostate now (that I know of, I can still urinate just fine), I have experienced thinning of my hairline with certain compounds.  While this isn't huge given a long-term small effect it will add up.

I’m looking for experiences with finasteride and side effects. I’ve heard it can cause ED and gyno in a small percentage of users, and I’m thinking that lowering DHT would perhaps negate the aggressive/depressive effects of highly androgenic AAS. Opinions?

Also curious as to how the lower DHT would affect acne.

5 alpha-reductase inhibitors (finastride or dutasteride) have been used to counter light acne (but not vulgaris when Accutane needed). However, known sides are i.a. erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction and decreased libido.

Try the shampoos first. Blocking DHT does have some negative effects and some have had major ongoing negative results.

See this: http://www.anthony-roberts.com/shampoo.html

Estrogens are the biggest driver of prostate inflammation and enlargement. Keeping E2 down will be of great benefit. There are supplements that also help protect the prostate.

Taking such meds and taking DHT derivative steroids and the same time does not make any sense.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Taking such meds and taking DHT derivative steroids and the same time does not make any sense. [/quote]

I was actually just going to ask this question.

I currently use the shampoos and right now I’m fine. It’s just that certain compounds like tren/dbol do more damage than shampoo can help.

I’m mainly asking these questions to get an idea of what to expect if I were to begin using Finasteride. More of a planning ahead for next-cycles thing.

I started noticing hair loss around the age of 25 especially in the crown area. I have been on finasteride on and off for the last 5 years.

I use that coupled with Nixoral shampoo and topical rogaine and have regained pretty much all of what I lost before. I just finished a 10 week cycle (my first) and gained a solid 15+ pounds, so I don’t think it inhibited the test I was taking.

At any rate, I have not noticed any deleterious effects and am a fan of the substance, although I have heard it only works for around 80 percent of men.

As a final note, I would try and get a script for proscar vs. propecia, it’s the same drug (finasteride) only in 5 mg tabs instead of 1 mg. The thing is, insurance will cover proscar, and you can divide the pills so you basically get a 4 month supply for whatever your co-pay is. Hope that helps!


I read in another thread that you have a bit of gyno so if you were to take finasteride I’d be more concerned about the increased estrogen levels than decreased DHT levels. Keep some Nolva on hand.

That being said, if you are prone to MPB you should start taking finasteride or better yet dutasteride as soon as you can. It does work better than any shampoo you could ever buy. At the very least you’ll stop the process at its current stage and more often than not you can reverse it to some extent. Then you can add a shampoo if you wish, but that’s only a plus.

Bigbugga, how long did it take for fin and rogain to show any results? Iv been taking Fin for 3 months at 1.25mg EOD (supposidly has same effect because of half-life)and using rogain for the same amount of time.