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Finasteride Doubled My E2

Hi again. Been a while since I’ve posted. Just got my blood back after 2 months on finasteride.
0.35 enanthate 2x a week= 175mg
Test = 36.1
Oestradiol =197!!! (53.6 pg/ml)
Shocked. Same time last nov was
Oestradiol =94.
Going to drop to 0.25 twice a week and have stopped the finasteride.
Just a heads up to those who are thinking of finasteride. Ironic really as I’ve always had a grade 1 buzz cut and at 45 I want to grow my hair haha.:rofl::+1:

Have you heard of Post-Finasteride Syndrome? It is real and more common than people think. If i were you i would never touch even of the package of this drug. It is more dangerous than a real poison.

You have no idea what kind of an epigenetic damage you are causing inside of your fragile and sacred body.


Knowing about it increases your chances of getting it.

“15% of finasteride-treated patients and 7% of placebo-treated patients had sexual AEs that were considered drug related by the investigator”

Placebo is a strong effect with stuff like this IMO. I think we could say about 7-10% of men will get sexual side effects from finasteride. I think that number would drop to 1-2% if it was micro dosed.

Don’t think its ‘post’ syndrome as I’ve only stopped it yesterday, after I had my blood results. Did notice weight gain, dry skin, the little fella wasn’t as active​:rofl: and (maybe because its getting colder) joint pain. I will keep ya posted in the coming weeks. :+1:

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This makes sense right? You’re blocking one pathway for test conversion, so it’s going to allow more to be aromatized.


Yes, this is a what makes sense.

Fwiw you’re describing symptoms of low e2.

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Yeah. Could be something else. I’ve had gyno before and no sign of it. Weird for such a high e2 result.

But but but guys, the more e2 THE better, right?? So more finasteride to the people!!

Dont forget guys, its caaaardio protective and super awesome for libido!

You’re on Finasteride and you’re worried about your E? Lol. I know of one guy on who was on Finasteride, had so-so hair, overweight, along with nice boobs and his wife left him because she was happy to have found a man with a receding hairline but the drive to pursue her. I think the argument in general will be to never block an enzyme or a hormone for that matter. The outliers are here on the web, so they will shred blanket statements with voracity.

Thanks for your advice middleages and equel. Most helpful.

Soooo… you’ve never blocked a hormone with say… an AI or used hcg etc? Just interested as we are all using a hormone that is being introduced into our system. I took finasteride for 2 months and have stopped after reading bad reviews and having shitty bloods. Lesson learned.

I took an AI for 12 weeks, then stopped Cold Turkey. Im not 100% sure what you mean when referring to HCG.

Throw the Finasteride in the bin and never touch that shit again.


How much of fin were you using, currently on but i only use 0,125 mg 3 times per week i’m just testing out since i find the best dose for me is 1 mg twice per week, this way i avoid cutting pills
I’m 40 btw
If you are interested about keeping your hair as i am you should microdose fin and not drop it.
Post finasteride sindrome is just anecdotal there is no science backing that up
I have also cycled fin on and off and when ever i come off any side related to it subsides inmediately, using it since 2014

Hi. I was on 1mg per day for 2 months. Had hair drop out at the temple and ,as described my e2 went mad. I don’t really want anything else in my system but test. Currently on 0.2 twice a week. 100mg. Feeling good. Morning boners are back and my cyctic spots have cleared. I take a multi vitamin and a zinc tab daily. :+1:

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So was smoking causing cancer for a long, long time. But, obviously…

That’s an extreme example, and I do believe a sizable portion of the “PFS” people are full of shit, but there are studies showing changes to androgen receptors on genital tissue after being off fin for years as well as changes to spinal fluid. I’m not a doctor and don’t remember the exact details, but I wouldn’t discount it just because science hasn’t figured it out yet. If it’s still worth it for you then go for it. I was on it for years, I even went on Dut for a few years, and for at least one of those I probably felt the best I ever have. Then that went all to shit

I have Post Accutane Syndrome. Almost same as PFS. It is not an anectodal disease. It is as real as my vey existence.

I deal with this shit for 7 years now. Don’t use Fin, you will never know when it is going to change your epigenetics. Sure, it is a rare chance, but not as rare as people think. It’s not worth when your life gets completely destroyed and torn apart.

These drugs are the definiton of real evil. Whoever synthesised these drugs, should be in jail for life time, their hands are clothed with blood of thousands of victims.


Up until this point the only thing it has made is helping me to keep my hair, using 1 mg everyday made me feel awful but once i spaced the dose and lowered it i feel fine now and get to keep all my hair, which is very important to me